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Robert is the only son of Albert Garcia, a wealthy Italian businessman and friend of Takuma Sakazaki. Robert had a care free childhood and often observed Ryo's training under Takuma with curiosity. One day Robert decided to join Takuma's dojo, which Takuma agreed to. Robert excelled at his training, which convinced Takuma to try and push Ryo harder as Ryo fell behind. When Takuma dissapeared on Ryo's 10th birthday, Robert was forced to head home to continue his family business, but vowed to return to see Ryo once again. Robert returned years later in time to help Ryo save Yuri when she was kidnapped, and is now invited to the King of Fighters tournament.

Special Moves

Ryugeki-ken - qcf + A (236 + A) [20% spirit meter]

  • Robert shoots a blast of ki energy from his palm
  • This attack is similar to Ryo's fireball
  • With red spirit bar, this move will have very short range

Ryuuga - dp + A (623 + A) [20% spirit meter]

  • Robert performs an anti-air uppercut
  • This move has two different hits
  • Both hits must hit a grounded opponent to knock down
  • This move has relatively short range
  • This move will not come out with red spirit bar

HienRyuuJinKyaku - (jump) qcb + B (j. + 214 + B) [25% spirit meter]

  • From the air, Robert performs a diagonal down-forward kick

Kyokugenryuu Renbuken - qcb + A (214 + A) [20% spirit meter]

  • Robert unleashes 4 quick punches, 2 at a time
  • This attack will not change depending on the spirit bar but will still drain it nonetheless

Hienshippu-Kyaku - db, f + A ([1]6 + A) [25% spirit meter]

  • Robert launches himself forward to deliver a kick attack
  • If successful, he will hit twice, unless he has red spirit bar, where he'll hit only once and also launch at a slower speed

Genei-kyaku - f, b, f + B (646 + B) [40% spirit meter]

  • Robert stands still and attacks with multiple kicks
  • Can be used as an anti-air against farther opponents and on wakeup to stop pressure
  • If all kicks whiff, there is no recovery, but if one kick hits a blocking opponent, Robert will have a long recovery where he can be punished with a combo
  • This move will not come out with red spirit bar

Dash Slide Kick (665 + B) then qcb + B (214 + B)

  • After dashing, Robert can press B to perform a sliding kick
  • This kick can be repeatedly done a theoretical infinite number of times by performing the motion above after the first kick
  • The time to cancel the kicks to make it a combo is very small but even if you allow the opponent to block, this move can become an infinite block string
  • If you mess up the motion, however, you may whiff an attack like standing light kick, leaving you open for a punish by the opponent

Super Move

Haohshokoken - f, hcf + A (641236 + A) [75% spirit meter]

  • Robert creates a wall of ki energy to attack opponent
  • Has slow startup compared to other super moves
  • Can be dodged with a well timed jump or wall jump

Hidden Super Move/Desperation Move

RyuukoRanbu - qcf, hcb + C (2363214 + C) [75% spirit meter]

  • Robert rushes towards the opponent to deliver an unlockable barrage attack
  • Does massive damage and can be safely performed on knocked down opponents
  • Move can only be performed when health is low enough (Robert's stance will change as a sign)

Important Character-Specific Tech

After a successful throw where the opponent doesn't tech, you can walk forward slightly jump, and do an (unblockable? or at least very hard to block) light kick cross-up into Kyokugenryuu Renbuken (4 quick punch special attack), which will knock the opponent down, even if they block the last two punches. This will cause them to become dizzy, allowing you to unleash a super attack or a combo for massive damage. This is almost a Touch of Death, but the opponent will have a bit of health still left if this is performed while they are it full health. The opponent can stop the dizzy by spamming jab between the 4 punches in Kyokugenryuu Renbuken, but Robert can use other special moves to secure damage without the dizzy, but not as much. This works the best on large, tall characters, like Mickey.

Strengths And Weaknesses

Robert has all the fundamentals of Ryo with some extra jank that only goes in his favor. This makes Robert one of the strongest characters in the game.

Strengths: Robert has great normals. His 5HK is a great anti air button with the right spacing in particular. He has all the same tools as Ryo, and even an air dive attack to mix up your opponent's anti-air timing, which is also better than Ryo's air fireball in some cases as fireballs can be destroyed with a well timed attack. His slide kick infinite is hard but can be extremally rewarding if done correctly. Robert's hitboxes are large as well, giving him extra reach compared to other characters like Ryo. To top it all off, Robert has a potentially unblockable near Touch of Death, solidifying his place one of the greats of the game.

Weaknesses: Robert still has trouble against certain characters. His fireball is slower than other characters and his specials can be unsafe. Like Ryo, Robert is a very fundamentals based character, even with his slide kick, and other characters with different gimmicks can make things difficult for him.

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