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Yumeji is a headswap of Ukyo who expands on his zoning-oriented Bust moveset from Samurai Shodown III and IV. This character was a sub-boss in Samurai Shodown V who could transform into the likenesses of existing characters for certain special moves, but in VI these have been exchanged for practical keepaway options and combo tools. While Ukyo would use his long range buttons and devastating punish tools to lead into his vortex, Yumeji couples them with a slow-but-advantageous ground fireball, a fast, arced air fireball and some far-reaching combo tools to keep the distance. Both characters excel at hit-and-run, but each to different ends.


  • Dash type: Run
  • Damage taken: 115% (4th Frailest)
  • Rage retention: 90
  • Rage duration: 15 seconds (4th Longest)


Yumeji is a keepaway character with an assortment of ranged pokes, recoil cancel options and fireballs to cover different ranges and angles. This variation of Ukyo retains his fast run speed and backdash but has a faster jump which makes air poking much more viable. However, much like Ukyo, Yumeji's defense is below average to compensate for the strong zoning tools you're working with.

Learn the spacings for 5B and 5C, as they are your best pokes. Both are fast, reach incredibly far and recoil on block. If you are expecting the opponent to block your 5B, 5A may be used instead to recoil cancel faster. Yumeji's fastest recoil cancel options are 214S and 421A/B ~A/B. If you've conditioned the opponent to respect you, there's also 236S to press an advantage or 623S as a mixup option if spaced properly. Up close, Yumeji's lights can be used as strong, safe pressure tools, given they are fast and have good recovery. As for anti-airing, Yumeji has 2B, jC and, most importantly, Concealed Sabre Firefly (j1236S). Firefly is an air fireball which comes out extremely fast and covers different trajectories for each strength, which couples nicely with Yumeji's relatively fast jumps to take full control of the skies. By backdash cancelling into it, Firefly also provides Yumeji even more ground control and anti-air potential.

Firefly's sheer speed means that, much like Ukyo's Tsubame Gaeshi, it can be used to punish close medium slashes up close. It doesn't hit overhead, though - close range vortexes are his thing. As for other punish options, Yumeji retains Ukyo's excellent run speed and fast, far-reaching 66C, but also adds 66B to the mix, which can be special cancelled on the first hit. 66C is an ideal punish option at all times, as Yumeji is designed to play hit-and run at the tip of its range, and the knockdown it provides leads nicely into setplay with Concealed Sabre Solar Flame (236S), a ground fireball. While Firefly is a fast, arced fireball with limited range, Solar Flame travels quickly in a straight line, but the startup is dreadful. Yumeji needs space to set this up, but the reward is well worth it. While Firefly only provides a knockdown, which is still useful, Solar Flame grants incredible frame advantage if it connects. On hit, Yumeji can very easily pick up with 66B or 66C for a knockdown. On block, the choice is yours to either run away or zone in for a mixup, which should depend on how close you are to the corner given Yumeji's propensity for running away. Tick throws and shimmies are very useful here, especially given Yumeji's fast ground speeds across the board. Given the potential ground to be lost during the startup and how not even the heavy version reaches fullscreen, Solar Flame is a lot more useful for setplay than it is for straight zoning. Oral Tradition Snow Wind (421A/B ~A/B) can potentially be used for zoning as well, but given the wait before your followups come out, its bad recovery and tricky angles, it is advised to save that move for combos, where its range and angles make it excel.

Up close, Yumeji has some mixup potential, although not as devastating at Ukyo's from all ranges. Concealed Sabre Ephemeral Shadow (623S) is a series of shadow slashes consisting of a frame trap which can link into heavies, a forward-hitting knockdown and a crossup-hitting knockdown. These are effective recoil options up close, although they can be thrown. In lieu of Tsubame Gaeshi, there's also 6B, a modest overhead which has to be spaced lest it be thrown or punished on hit, and a decent assortment of low-hitting kicks to back it up. When not running away, Yumeji can lead into this safely when running behind a Solar Flame, which is even scarier in the corner. At that range, Yumeji can time Solar Flame so it hits the opponent if they don't tech, but in such a way that if they do tech, Yumeji can tech chase with 66C or Firefly for short rolls and a throw for long rolls. On a side note, Yumeji should never pursuit an opponent unless it is guaranteed to kill, as it wastes time which could be spent timing a meaty Solar Flame or otherwise buying space.

Your optimal poking range as Yumeji gives you space to meditate safely if you are using V Spirit. Though Yumeji doesn't have a launcher to negate Rage Explosion, you still have a long-range overhead in the form of 6B as one means of opening your opponent up in State Of Nothingness. VI Spirit is also a good choice, as it rewards your pokes with meter and allows you to hold onto your WFT until you can land it (i.e. from a hit confirm or a successful Mikiri).

Normal Moves

Far Slashes

  • 5A - Fast, long-reaching poke. Effectively a weaker version of 5B but if it's blocked you get to recoil cancel faster. Special cancellable.
  • 5B - Same reach as 5A but deals more damage and is active for longer, thus more effective as a general poke.
  • 5C - A far-reaching, highly-damaging punish tool. This is great for poking and recoil cancelling, considering its startup is quite fast as well. Get in the habit of using 421B as an OS so blocked slashes can be made safer and create a no-cross line.
  • 2A - Your fastest midscreen poke but it has less range than 5A. Special cancellable.
  • 2B - Effective anti-air, but it leaves you crouching so you're prone to taking deephits if you screw this up.
  • 2C - This is Yumeji's only far normal which doesn't recoil, though it is also the most damaging. Doesn't cover any more range than 5C but moves you forward and can go under high attacks.

Near Slashes

  • n5A - Safe get-off-me tool.
  • n5B - Close range upwards slash. Special cancellable but not as fast as n2B. Decent vertical range makes it situationally useful as an antiair.
  • n5C - Generic punish tool. It's two hits so it can be bursted before the more-powerful second hit.
  • n2A - Slightly longer range than n5A but not special cancelable.
  • n2B - Your fastest combo starter. Your choice is between this and n5B, in which if your distance is wrong you're whiffing 2B instead of 5B.
  • n2C - Generic punish tool which has slightly worse damage and startup than than n5C, but has better frame advantage on hit and starts lower.


  • 5D - Midrange kick. Special cancelable. Has more range than n5B and n2B, with the same startup as n5B but slightly less damage. Can't be deflected, but poor frame advantage if not special canceled.
  • 6D - Low-hitting kick that slides you a little further than one character width. Can be followed up with a pursuit but should always be followed up by 236A or chase tech. Use this alongside a spaced meaty overhead to lead into 236A setplay.
  • 2D - Short, quick low. Links into Firefly, but don't think you'll be running 2D j1236S vortex with this character as Yumeji's j1236S hits mid.
  • 3D - A sweep that hits mid. Reaches fairly high, fast, active for relatively long.

Dash Normals

  • 66A - Quick dashing poke. Good range for its startup. Not special cancelable, but can recoil cancel into 421B to make it safe.
  • 66B - Instead of crossing up, Yumeji's 66B is instead a 2 hit running version of n5B. The first hit is special cancellable, making this move effective as a punish. Second hit reaches high enough to function as an effective anti-air/anti-jump attack. Can cancel on second hit if 66B hits on the 2nd or 3rd frame of the first hit or if the 1st hit whiffs and the 2nd hit connects on its 1st frame.
  • 66C - A running version of 5C, but instead of recoiling it knocks down. This hits higher up than Ukyo's 66C, covering an even greater area. This is one of the fastest moves in the game. You will punish everything with it.
  • 66D - Running low. Your best option for punishing when unarmed, but you have far better options when Yumeji is armed.

Air Normals

  • jA - Aerial n5A.
  • jB - Can be used to hit opponents who are close below you. May also be used as an instant overhead in State Of Nothingness if your opponent is tall enough.
  • njC - Air-to-air which covers a great distance directly in front of you.
  • jC - Ukyo's jumping heavy slash, but easier to use as Yumeji's jump is faster. Good horizontal range. Can easily combo into n5C or n5B 421B~B.
  • jD - Two-hit kick, situational jump-in. Both hits are medium attacks. Your better air option when unarmed.

Unarmed Normals

  • u5S - High slap.
  • u2S - Low slap.
  • u66S - Gives plenty of hitstun to link into a knockdown move. u66S is a heavy attack, so linking it into itself causes a knockdown.
  • juS - Jumping slap. jC reaches further.

Command Moves


  • A long-ranged leaping overhead which moves Yumeji a little forward. Punishable on hit at close range, but relatively safe when spaced. State of Nothingness opener.

Hyper Slash (I)

  • A+B - 5C but slower, harder hitting, and armored. Low damage for a Hyper Slash. Can scare opponents as a recoil cancel threat, but Yumeji would generally prefer other options with better risk/reward that don't require I Spirit.

Continuous Slash (IV)

  • A+B - A quick horizontal slash with moderate range. An excellent punish starter and confirm from deephits, backhits, and 623A. Leads to good damage with either C2 or C4. Full C4 builds a modest amount of Rage, but Yumeji often prefers to special cancel from C2 (BBC) or partial C4 (AABBC).

Special Moves

Concealed Sabre Solar Flame - 236S

  • Bust-Ukyo's fast-travelling fireball, but the startup is much slower. Strength determines the range before it dissipates, with 236A reaching about 5C's length away from you and 236C reaching nearly the whole screen. In return for its lengthy startup, this move is advantageous enough that it can link into your dashing attacks or anything else that can reach, or lead nicely into tick throws and other mixup options on block. Far too slow to zone effectively, but useful for setplay.

Concealed Sabre Firefly - j1236S

  • Remember how Ukyo's Tsubame Gaeshi used to spawn a fireball while also being an overhead? While Ukyo has ditched the fireball since III, Yumeji has adopted it while abandoning the overhead hit. While the fireball retains the same V-shaped arc it no longer travels fullscreen, reaching a little further than 5C at most before dying out. However, this move is still very much useful not only for the angles it covers, but for its near-instant startup. In addition to normal air usage, Yumeji can use cancel backdash into Firefly to better cover ground space.
  • A begins traveling upwards very early, B travels in a nearly horizontal arc, and C dips below Yumeji before rising upwards slightly late in its arc.
  • While its fast startup is potentially appealing as a punish tool, Firefly deals significantly less damage than Tsubame Gaeshi. Fast grounded options are generally preferable. Likewise, the 1f link from 2D is much lower reward and no longer has a high component to potentially catch opponents. Backdash cancels can still serve as a situational antiair.
  • Usually safe on block when well spaced.

Concealed Sabre Snowdust Flash - 214S

  • A practical recoil cancel option with roughly the same range as 2A. Also a possible far anti-air for its vertical reach. This is similar to Ukyo's apple slice, but instead of multiple independent hits it is a hitgrab akin to Yoshitora's Asagao (furthermore, you're throwing a persimmon instead of an apple, if it makes a difference). Strength determines its active frames and number of hits if it connects. Causes untechable knockdown.
  • There is no fakeout version of this move.
  • Each version has more hits than the corresponding version of Ukyo's 214S, as well as increased startup. Even 214A won't combo from most hits, and 214B/C will not fully connect on block. The longer duration may catch opponents off guard if used sparingly.

Concealed Sabre Ephemeral Shadow - 623S (Samurai Drive)

  • Concealed with the morphing effect from V, Yumeji dashes forward then swipes at the opponent. All three versions have significant startup, but gain strike invulnerability when Yumeji disappears on frame 18. Situationally useful as a recoil cancel to beat opponents mashing, particularly on .
  • 623A is +9 on hit, linking into many of Yumeji's faster normals as well as Continuous Slash. Somewhat safe on block when spaced, especially if the opponent crouch blocks. However, all 623S variants hit mid. Loses invulnerability shortly before it hits.
  • 623B acts like a single hit version of 66B and launches the opponent. Reaches slightly further than 623A. Yumeji can also combo off this, and once again loses invulnerability shortly before it hits.
  • 623C is the slowest of the three and hits crossup, similar to Ukyo 66B but slower. Does not allow for followup attacks on hit. More punishable than 623A/B. Remains strike invulnerable until after active frames end.

Oral Tradition Snow Wind - 421A/B ~A/B

  • This move is a long-ranged attack which has followups that lead to knockdowns. As this is your fastest grounded special, it is also your main combo ender.
  • The first hit is either a launcher which will reach upwards (A) or a low-hitting attack which skims the ground (B), both of which have fast startup and safe recovery. Although 421A~A leads to the highest damage, 421A itself will whiff on crouching opponents. As such, 421B is generally preferred for recoil cancels, whiff cancels, and combos against crouching opponents. As a launcher, opponents cannot Rage Explosion after 421A hits.
  • The optional second hit reaches not only farther but either higher (A) or lower (B). On hit, A will knock the opponent further away, while B will keep them closer for okizeme. Both versions have much higher recovery than the first hit and are very unsafe. It can be delayed a little to frame trap. The B followup will hit low if cancelled into from 421B, but from 421A it will hit overhead. Limited coverage and high recovery makes them generally ill-suited for zoning, but they can be used for a ranged mixup on knockdown or after an air hit.
  • If an opponent attempts to use Hyper Slash to deal with your pressure after Solar Flame, this move's two hits can be used to break its armor. However, given the bad recovery, it's probably best to go for a throw instead.
  • The cancel timing for followups differs depending on hit/block/whiff. The timing for cancels on hit is distinct from the other two scenarios. This can be used to option select followups on hit. Repeating the followup input improves consistency if desiring to cancel regardless of the initial attack's outcome.

Toy Transformation - 3214623E (II)



Heavenly Wave of Soichi Jinmu - 236AB

  • Bust-Ukyo's WFT. Fast startup and travels fullscreen quickly. While it can be used as a standalone punish because of this, this WFT is best used as a combo ender where it is guaranteed to hit. Will sideswitch and leave the opponent close to Yumeji in a hard knockdown.

Secret Move Ground God - 641236BC (II), 236BC (VI) (Samurai Drive)

  • Viable alternative to WFT as a combo tool. The first hit's range is roughly the same as 5B. This deals slightly more damage than 236AB, but instead of sideswitching it pushes the opponent far away. First hit into the remaining hits is not a true blockstring.


Standard Combos

  • n5B/n2B/66B/5D 421S~S/236AB - Combos starting from medium slashes.
  • 2D, n5A/n2A/3D/6D - 2D followups with varying levels of risk/reward. n5A can combo into WFT.
  • 2D, j1236S - High risk 1f link for low reward. Not recommended.
  • 623A/B, 66C - Confirm from 623S hits. Remember that 623C does not allow followups.
  • 623A, 2B 421S~S - Close range followup to 623A.
  • 236S, 66X - Ground fireball's hitstun is long enough to follow up with a dashing normal, or anything else that will reach.
  • 421A, 66C - Also a 1f link, but minimal risk and good reward. Deals comparable damage to 421A~A but as a confirm.
  • 421A, 2A - Point blank 421A can also set up an air reset with 2A. This can cancel into 421S~S for a mixup on landing, 236C for pressure (does not hit meaty), or Yumeji can simply run in to start pressure. Replacing 2A with n5A in the corner sets up meaty 6B/6D mix, but bear in mind this leaves Yumeji punishable after 6B if point blank.

Hyper Slash (I)

  • 236S A+B - Will only combo around the tip of 236A's range. If you're actually fishing for this in a match for some reason, don't try it anywhere else or it will get you killed. It will probably get you killed, anyway.

IV Spirit

  • A+B BBC/AABBC 421A/B ~A/B - Continuous Slash punishes. For the CS2 juggle, 421A ~A/B is most consistent.
  • A+B BBC/AABBC 236AB - Continuous Slash into WFT.
  • A+B BBC 214A - Corner only.
  • 623A, A+B - Continuous Slash will link at any spacing unless 623A catches an extended hurtbox, but the followups aren't as reliable at max range. CS4 is the best option when spaced; the first A followup will likely whiff and must quickly cancel into the second A followup. On CS2 the third (C) followup may whiff at max range.
  • 66B 421A/A+B BBC/A+B AABBC 421A, ABC Juggles into Fatal Flash. 66B 421A juggles earliest and is thus the least vulnerable to Rage Explosion, but is character specific when used midscreen. The CS4 route is also Yumeji's most damaging Issen confirm in IV Spirit; omitting 421A is a marginal reduction in damage if pressed for time.

State Of Nothingness (V)

  • 6B, ... ABC - Conversion from overhead into Fatal Flash. Be careful not to link grounded heavies together in the filler. jB may be used as an instant overhead instead if the opponent's crouching hurtbox is large enough.
  • 421A ABC - Launcher into Issen. Immune to Rage Explosion if the opponent is using IV/V Spirit, but has short range. 421A will not hit most crouching opponents after 6B.

Frame Data

Attack Startup Total On Hit On Standing Block On Crouching Block Notes
n5A 4 18 -2 -6 -1
n2A 4 18 -2 -6 -1
5A 10 26 -4 -2 +3
2A 6 21 -3 -2 +3
66A 7 35 -8 -20 -15
jA 8 N/A N/A N/A N/A
n5B 8 41 -13 -8 -3
n2B 6 25 +1 -8 -3
5B 9 35 -6 -8 -3
2B 13 39 -6 -8 -3
66B 10 44 -10 -23 -18
jB 9 N/A N/A N/A N/A
n5C 11 64 -5 -20 -15
n2C 13 63 -1~0 -20 -15
5C 15 65 -11~-10 -20 -15
2C 16 55 0~+1 -31 -26
66C 6 55 KD -41 -36
j8C 11 N/A N/A N/A N/A
j7C/9C 12 N/A N/A N/A N/A
6B 23 48 -15 -17 N/A -5 on crouching hit
5D 8 37 -9 -21 -16
6D 5 36 KD N/A -18
2D 6 13 +5 N/A +6
3D 5 30 KD -17 -12
66D 6 34 KD N/A -15
jD 7 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hyper Slash 24 85 KD -63 -53
Continuous Slash 8 41 KD -20 -15
236A 51 63 +19 0 +5 Frame advantage given for point blank
236B 51 63 +19 0 +5
236C 51 63 +19 0 +5
623A 35 54 +9 -10 -5
623B 41 64 KD -11 -6 Launches
623C 49 81 KD -20 -15
214A 24 105 KD -24 -19 Hitgrab, untechable KD
214B 30 148 KD -29 -24 Hitgrab, untechable KD
214C 36 191 KD -34 -29 Hitgrab, untechable KD
421A 16 38 KD -14 -9 Launches
421A~A 34 86 KD N/A N/A Hits too high to reach grounded opponents
421A~B 34 86 KD -44 N/A
421B 16 38 -2 N/A -9
421B~A 34 85 KD -44 -39
421B~B 34 85 KD N/A -39
WFT 2+10 74 KD -40 -35
SM 2+10 76 KD -34 -29 Second hit total 30f startup



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