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There are three types of items: Support Items, Attack Items, and SP Items. Support Items serve to heal or buff your Attacker, while Attack Items will damage or knock down your opponent. SP Item effects vary per character.

Destroying the item boxes that appear in stages will get you a random item. Pressing either up or down + Item Button with an item in stock will allow your character to use it in battle. For some items, pressing left or right + Item Button will allow you to direct where it is placed or thrown.

You can only hold one item at a time, so you can't receive a new item while holding another item. However, SP items will replace the item you are holding.

Items can be used at almost any time, whether you're being hit, stunned, or whatever else is happening. You can’t use items during certain supers, however.

Appearance Rate

Items are given if you fulfill certain criteria during a match.

Condition Rate Notes
Destroy item box 100%
Deal damage for the first time 100%
Cause a guard crush on your opponent 100%
Your life falls below 20% 100% Only once during battle, this item will always be an SP item.
Get stunned by an opponent 100% Only once during battle.
Cause a certain amount of damage in a combo ?% Chance of item increases with damage.
Take a certain amount of damage from a combo ?% Chance of item increases with damage.
Successfully throw break 50%
Knock your opponent into the wall 40%
Get knocked into the wall 30%

Item List

Support Items

Item Effect Startup
Life Recovery (Small) Heals a small amount of your team's Life Gauge. 17
Life Recovery (Large) Heals a large amount of your team's Life Gauge. 17
Spirit Recovery (Small) Heals a small amount of your Attacker's Spirit Gauge. 18
Spirit Recovery (Large) Heals a large amount of your Attacker's Spirit Gauge. 18

Attack Items

Certain attack items (Mine, Springboard, Time Bomb, Hurricane, Wrecking Ball) can OTG on hard knockdowns, allowing for combo extensions. This includes crumple animations and applies to most SP items.

It should be noted that attack items and SP items are NOT reflectable, so avoid or block them.

Item Effect Startup Damage
Bomb Explodes on contact with a character and sends them flying. 50
Pinball Bounces around the screen randomly. 42
Mine Sends flying on contact. 53 80
  • Unblockable.
  • Sends the opponent flying on contact.
48 20
Time Bomb
  • Takes about 4 seconds to explode, and sends flying on contact
  • You can invul through the explosion.
214 120
  • Will send the opponent flying on contact.
  • The Hurricane is persistent enough to hit people that are in lengthy invul frames if they don’t get out of it.
33 40
Wrecking Ball
  • A giant wrecking ball will roll from one side of the screen to the other.
  • If it hits a grounded opponent, it puts them in a hard knockdown state. If they're already in a hard knockdown state, it won't pick them up, but will hit them.
  • It won’t flatten an airborne opponent, instead popping them up, allowing for juggle continuations.
  • As long as it’s on the screen, it’s an active attack, hitting with roughly each rotation, so you can effectively chase it to upkeep a juggle.
  • This thing is insane in regards to durability, able to take out super projectiles.
29 150
  • Traps the opponent in sand on contact, immobilizing them for a short period.
  • Causes a re-stand if it hits a grounded opponent. It can hit a jumping opponent and force them to stand on the ground, but won't hit them if they've been popped into the air.
  • You can drop it directly on someone’s position by pressing up or down.
  • If you tag as the Sand is falling and it hits, it won't stick them to the ground. If it sticks them and you tag, they're set free. If you tag before the Sand can form, it won't come out, and you'll have wasted the item. If you tag just as the Sand is forming, but before it can fall, it will still stick the opponent if it hits.
  • A bronze statue falls from the sky and causes an earthquake, stunning both players.
  • Doesn't affect players not touching the ground. Either by jumping, specials, or even normals (Mui Mui's far.5H).
Banana Peel
  • Unblockable.
  • Saps away five units of SP and gets you a knockdown, but will only hit a standing opponent.
  • Can be cast left or right, or dropped directly on the opponent’s position.
59 10
  • Does 10 damage if it hits the opponent, and will slowly drain their health while it’s in effect.
  • Though you can block the poison vial, it will still poison you regardless.
  • You can drop it directly on someone’s position by pressing up or down.
48 10
  • It creates a small wall, which allows for mid-screen corner shenanigans (wallbounces and the like), but it can be jumped over.
  • Can take two hits before it crumbles.
  • Can be placed left or right, putting it in front of or behind the opponent. It can also be placed in the center of the screen with up or down.
  • Low hitstun on grounded hit but groundbounces airborne opponents.
  • You can drop it directly on someone’s position by pressing up or down.
50 100
Springboard Work with throws, hard knockdowns, and crumple stuns. The latter can be used to set up raw tag scenarios to set up reeeally lengthy combos. 48
Mosaic Filter Allows you to play an interactive JAV. 20

EX Item

The EX Item allows you to do EX versions of your special moves for 5 seconds, changing their properties or the number of hits they can do. EX moves DO NOT take away any SP meter and they count as separate moves, so you can use the EX item to extend combos even further. This boost does not apply to supers, however.

For a list of EX moves, please look at each character's individual page.

SP Item

This item will result in a special action based on your Supporter character. Every character has a different action or effect.

Damage noted is bare, outside of combos; all attack moves can reset juggle state.

  • Athena - Heals you for 1 and ½ bars of health.
  • Kula - Sends out a giant snowflake that re-stands if it hits. Regardless of which direction you press, the snowflake will always come from behind your character. 50 damage.
  • Mai - Sets a flame mine that can OTG. Can be cast left or right, or directly under the opponent’s feet by pressing up or down. 250 damage.
  • Nakoruru - Sends out a bird projectile. 200 damage.
  • Love - Sends out an Elision Wave. 200 damage, can OTG, will groundbounce if it hits at all.
  • Leona - Sets out a huge Baltic Launcher. Can be cast left or right, or used in the center by pressing up or down. 10 hits, 200 damage if they all connect.
  • Mui Mui - Casts a brief field around your character that knocks the opponent back if it hits. 100 damage.
  • Luong - Recovers two bars of SP; also speeds up your SP recovery.
  • Sylvie - Casts a lightning bolt that puts the opponent in an extended hitstun state. Will freeze the opponent in a hitstun state in midair; Good for setting up raw tag situations, can be cast left or right, or directly on the opponent’s position by pressing up or down. 80 damage.
  • Yuri - Gives two bars of SP back, buffs attack strength.
  • Zarina - Sets out a flower patch that gradually heals you as long as you can stand in it.
  • Mian - Grants you 5 seconds of armor. Armor protects from supers as well, but is vulnerable to throws.
  • Shermie - Rolls a plushie(?) out onto the screen. 30 damage, depletes ALL of the opponent's SP meter.
  • Terry - Places a star that explodes into a Power Geyser. This star appears in front of your character, regardless of where they are, so positioning is important. Can OTG, 200 damage.
  • Thief Arthur - She heals a slight bit of health while covering her ally in her wind energy, allowing them to absorb health from their opponents as they damage them for a short period of time.
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