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The King of Fighters XV


Combo Notation Guide

Notation Meaning
X Starter Use the corresponding starter(s) from the 'Starters' section of this page.
> Cancel the previous move into the following move.
If preceded by a move in brackets, must cancel the start of the preceding move (AKA a 'Kara Cancel').
, Link the previous move into the following move.
(X) A move in brackets must whiff (not hit).
Can also mean the move must be Kara Canceled.
~ Cancel the previous special into the following special.
cl. Close to opponent.
f. Far from opponent.
j. Jumping move.
AA Anti-air. Hit the opponent while they're mid-air.
[X] Hold input.
X/Y Do either X move or Y move in a combo (Both final damage/stun values will be shown).
X * N
{X} * N
Repeat 'X' input 'N' amount of times.
Multiple inputs will be bundled into "{}".

For Shingo, due to Critical Hits, combo will be noted if possible with the minimum DMG for the route, and the maximum, and also the global average of all the combo routes. This way, you will be able to choose knowingly if you prefer the potentially more damaging route, or the more consistent, and how it averages over time.


Keep in mind: The combos in the "Combos" section have been tested using the first starter in each category (the combos in Bold).
The other starters in each table should also work in each case, but may not.

When the combo uses 236AC, the follow-up of the combo will be noted in brackets. Remember the combo routes take in account that you can always follow-up 236AC with a 214D if you don't get a critical hit.

Light Starters

Starting Ex needed Combo Damage Notes
0 2lk > 2lp > 236A 101 (119) = Avg 104 Standard low light confirm.
0 2lk > 2lp > 421B 154 (164) = Avg 156 More damage but a lot of recevory, so don't miss.
0 2lk > 2lp > 623C 145 (164) = Avg 148
1 Ex 2lk > 2lp > 236AC [214D] ( > 214C > 421D ) 180 (372) = Avg 248 Your go-to combo for 1bar : most damaging average and more damaging maximum
1 Ex 2lk > 2lp > 421BD ( > 623A ) 182 (267) = Avg 210
2 Ex 2lk > 2lp > 236A Crit > 214236A > 214D 302 (337) = Avg 309 the more damaging average route with 2 bars, so the best choice if you don't need to test the guard
2 Ex 2lk > 2lp > 236AC ( > 214C > 421B > 421BD (> 623A)) 180 (520) = Avg 288 Can do a lot more damage than the Super Cancel, but the average damage is less good.

Heavy Starters

Combo Damage Notes
j.X > ? Standard jump-in starter.

Other Starters

Combo Damage Notes
CD 75

(Note: 'Other Starters' won't be referenced in the 'Combos' section.)


General Notes:

  • Notation: Unchain followups are written using a ~ to connect the moves. So it will read as starter~unchain circle~finisher.
Combo Damage Stun Meter cost Meter Gain Location notes

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