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A - Light Punch

B - Light Kick

C - Strong Punch

D - Strong Kick

CD - Blowback Attack

P - With either Light Punch or Strong Punch

K - With either Light Kick or Strong Kick

AB - Evasive Roll, neutral or forward Ab while make the character roll forward, pressing it in the backward direction will make the character roll backward

GCAB - Guard Cancel Roll, press AB when guarding an attack, can also be done while using a normal, costs one meter

GCCD - Guard Cancel Blowback Attack, press CD when guarding an attack, costs one meter. Often referred as CD Counter

cl.C - Standing close hit strong punch. Since most far hits are non-cancelable, standing attacks such as cl.C are always the close version

Far D - Standing far D

cr.B - Crouching or down B


                  up (u)
 (ub)  up left - 7 8 9 - up right (uf)
     (b)   left - 4 5 6 - right (f)

(db) down left - 1 2 3 - down right (df)
                  down (d)

j. - Jump/jumping - Press and hold up-back/up/up-forward

Hyperjump - Press down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly press and hold up-back/up/up-forward

Hop - Tap up-back/up/up-forward

Hyperhop - Tap down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly tap up-back/up-forward

cl. – Close – Close standing attack (e.g. cl.C)

cr. – Crouch – Crouching attack (e.g. cr.B)

st. – Stand – Standing attack (e.g. st.B)

bb. – Backdash – Tap back twice quickly

ff. - Dash - Tap forward twice quickly

> - Follow-up - qcf+D > K means inputting K during qcf+D triggers a follow-up move.

Attack Motions

Qcf.gif qcf - 236 - d/df/f - Quarter circle forward

Qcb.gif qcb - 214 - d/db/b - Quarter circle backward

Hcf.gif hcf - 41236 - b/db/d/df/f - Half circle forward

Hcb.gif hcb - 63214 - f/df/d/db/d - Half circle backward

Dp.gif dp - 623 - f/d/df - Dragon Punch motion

Rdp.gif rdp - 421 - b/d/db - Reverse Dragon Punch motion

Qcf.gifUf.gif tk - 2369 - d/df/f/uf - Tiger Knee Motion

Hcb.gif, Fd.gif hcb f - 632146 - f/df/d/db/b/f - Half circle back forward motion

Bk.gif~ Fd.gif b~f - [4]6 - Hold back then press forward

Dn.gif~Up.gif d~u - [2]8 - Hold down then press up

Db.gif, Fd.gif db,f - 1,6 - press down back then forward

Dn.gif, Up.gif d,u - 2,8 - press down then up

Dn.gif, Dn.gif d,d - 2,2 - press down twice

Fd.gif,Bk.gif,Fd.gif f,b,f - 6,4,6 - press forward back forward

Qcb.gif Hcf.gif qcb hcf - 2141236 - Quarter circle back half circle forward

Qcf.gif Hcb.gif qcf hcb – 2363214 – d/df/f/df/d/db/b – Quarter circle forward half circle back

Fd.gif,Fd.gif,~Df.gif f/f~d/f – 66[3] – Running charge

Hit detection notes

Although other sources may have different definitions, hit detection for this wiki is defined by the following:

Overhead - An attack that must be blocked high.

Mid - An attack that can be blocked either high or low.

Low - An attack that must be blocked low.

Short/Longcuts & Sequential Buffering

Qcb.gif Hcf.gif = Qcb.gif x2, Fd.gif

Qcb.gif Hcf.gif = Qcb.gif, Db.gif, Fd.gif

Qcb.gif Hcf.gif = Qcb.gif, Qcf.gif

Qcf.gif Hcb.gif = Qcf.gif x2, Bk.gif

Qcf.gif Hcb.gif = Qcf.gif, Df.gif, Bk.gif

Qcf.gif Hcb.gif = Qcf.gif Qcb.gif

Dp.gif = Fd.gif, Qcf.gif

Dp.gif = Hcb.gif, Fd.gif

Rdp.gif = Qcb.gif Qcb.gif or Bk.gif, Qcb.gif

Hcb.gif = Fd.gif, Dn.gif, Bk.gif

Hcf.gif = Bk.gif, Dn.gif, Fd.gif

Run into Fireball without getting a DP = Fd.gif, Fd.gif, Qcf.gifUf.gif

Qcf.gif + P/K, Qcf.gif Qcf.gif + P/K = Qcf.gif + P/K, Qcf.gif + P/K

Qcb.gif + P/K, Qcb.gif Qcb.gif + P/K = Qcb.gif + P/K, Qcf.gif + P/K

Qcb.gif + P/K, Qcb.gif Hcf.gif P+K = Qcb.gif + P/K, Qcb.gif, Fd.gif + P/K

Dp.gif + P/K, Qcb.gif Hcf.gif P+K = Dp.gif + P/K, Qcb.gif, Qcb.gif, Fd.gif P+K

Advanced and Climax Cancel Buffer

The buffer window for Advanced and Climax Cancels is extremely generous and can be used to make some cancels much easier to perform, especially for supers with a big wind up before the final blow. As long as you perform the motions for the MAX Super or Climax Super and hold down the buttons for the super before the last hit, the Advanced or Climax Cancel will execute on the first possible frame.

For example, take Vanessa's Crazy Puncher super where she does 3 punches before bobbing and weaving and finishing performing an uppercut. Once she starts her weaving motion, you can input Qcb.gif Hcf.gif and hold down either AC for MAX Champion Puncher or CD for Infinity Puncher while not letting go of the buttons. Once she finishes her uppercut, the Advanced or Climax Cancel will launch immediately.


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