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The King of Fighters XV


General Gameplan

K's general gameplan is to push his opponent towards the corner where he unlocks his immense combo potential and unique ability to convert practically any hit into a damaging (and stylish) combo. K's pressure also increases dramatically in the corner as he can fake Ein Trigger follow ups to make opponents risk trying to break out, or let them go off if you suspect your opponent will mash. Luckily, K's toolkit is all about pushing opponents towards the corner as Minute/Narrow Spike travel a significant distance, as does his preferred meterless ender 623C~D. Even his basic BNB 2B, 2B, 236A~C will knock opponents far back towards the corner. While it is rarely helpful, K' can even switch sides in some combos to regain corner advantage by using 214BD(hit)~214BD(whiff) after 236A/C~D.

Notable corner options:

  • 2B (low) can convert into meterless Ein Trigger for full combo
  • 6B (overhead) can be followed up with j.214BD for a 623A/AC followup and knockdown.
  • Nearly any anti air or air-to-air hit can be converted with j.2144BD into full combo (difficulty varies by height)






Countering K'

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The King of Fighters XV

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