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The King of Fighters XV/Leona Heidern/Combos

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The King of Fighters XV


Combo Notation Guide

Notation Meaning
X Starter Use the corresponding starter(s) from the 'Starters' section of this page.
> Cancel the previous move into the following move.
If preceded by a move in brackets, must cancel the start of the preceding move (AKA a 'Kara Cancel').
, Link the previous move into the following move.
(X) A move in brackets must whiff (not hit).
Can also mean the move must be Kara Canceled.
~ Cancel the previous special into the following special.
cl. Close to opponent.
f. Far from opponent.
j. Jumping move.
AA Anti-air. Hit the opponent while they're mid-air.
[X] Hold input briefly.
P & K P and K each denote "Any Punch (A or C)" and "Any Kick (B or D)" respectively.
X/Y Do either X move or Y move in a combo (Both final damage & stun values will be shown).
X * N
{X} * N
Repeat 'X' input 'N' amount of times.
Multiple inputs will be bundled into "{}".


Keep in mind: The combos in the "Combos" section have been tested using the first starter in each category (the combos in Bold).
The other starters in each table should also work in each case, but may not.

Light Starters

Combo Damage Notes
(2B ,) 2B , 2A (76) 65 Standard low light confirm.
2B , cl.A , 2C 126 Optimized low light confirm. Substantially harder due to very strict link window between cl.A and 2C, but strongly recommended low starter.
2B , cl.B > 214AC 43 EX Heart Attack-exclusive low/light starter, avoid using this starter outside of EX HA combos!

(Note: The light starter that will be referenced in every combo will be the optimized one, that being "2B , cl.A , 2C". Also, "L>214AC" will be the reference for the Ex Heart Attack-exclusive light starter.)

Heavy Starters

Combo Damage Notes
(j.C ,) cl.D (146) 80 Standard jump-in starter. Without the jump-in cl.D is still your best heavy starter.
(j.C ,) cl.D (1) > 214CD (108) 40 EX Heart Attack-exclusive heavy starter. Very important to cancel after the first hit of cl.D into 214AC otherwise the pushback will make your followup whiff. Again, you can omit the jump in as cl.D is still your best heavy starter. Also don't worry about the damage here, the reward is great.

(Note: EX Heart Attack-exclusive heavy starter will be shortened down to "H>214AC" for every combo its in)

Other Starters

Combo Damage Notes
CD 75 Fortunately, you'll be using CD a lot in neutral, and there's a good combo off of it.

(Note: 'Other Starters' won't be referenced in the 'Combos' section.)


Rush Auto Combo

Combo Damage Meter cost notes
cl.A > A > A > B 121 0 Rush combo ending in a special move.
cl.A > A > A > C 223 1 Rush combo ending in a super.
cl.A > A > A > D 342 2 Rush combo ending in a Max super.
cl.A > A > A > A 436 3 Rush combo ending in a Climax super.


Combo Damage Stun Meter Gain Location notes
2B, 2B, 2A > [2]8A 148 180 20% Anywhere The all-time classic Leona combo. Unfortunately, it's not good in KOF XV as there are way better options now. Avoid doing this.
2B, 2B, 2A > 4/6B > 214C, [2]8A 213 250 40% Anywhere Non-optimized low starter using a much better combo route increasing damage, meter gain and stun. Should you be inconsistent with the optimized low starter then you can compromise with this combo instead.
Light Starter > [4]6B 148 175 >20% Anywhere Sometimes you are out of range for 2A to connect, in that case you should be going for 5a, which can't be cancelled into 4B making this the your only real meterless combo afterwards.
Light Starter/Heavy Starter > 4/6B > 214C, [2]8A 234/(288)230 275/(300)230 40/(45)35% Anywhere Optimal meterless light/heavy confirm.
CD > [4]6B (whiff), [4]6D ~ 6D 174 220 30% Midscreen CD confirm. Safe on block.
CD > [4]6B, [2]8C 198 240 35% Corner You can also cancel the CD into [4]6A for the same combo, though that cancel has its own flaws on block.

0.5 Bar

Combo Damage Stun Meter Gain Location notes
L>214AC, 2C > 4/6B > j.214C, [2]8A, (explosion) [4]6D , ([2]8A) 336 (365) 335 (415) 50 (60)% Anywhere Leona's Staple midscreen L>214AC combo. The [2]8A in parenthesis is only if you make it to the corner in the end.
2B > 2B > 2B > 5A > [4]6BD, [2]8A 225 180 20% Anywhere In corner, you can end with [2]8C for just a bit more stun. Only combo that works when pushed out too far for 2A to connect.
L>214AC, 2C > 214P, [4]6D~6D 253 235 30% Anywhere Utilizing the explosion special. Not recommended as it gives you less reward than going for the extended ones.
L>214AC, 2C > 4/6B > j.214C, [2]8A, (explosion) [4]6C, [4]6B, [2]8A 387 550 80% Corner Staple corner L>214AC combo. Great damage, slightly difficult.
H>214AC, cl.A, cl.D (2) > 6B > j.214C, (explosion) CD (whiff) > [4]6C, [4]6B, 2D (402) 355 (535) 465 (75) 70% Anywhere Max damage midscreen H>214AC combo. Very difficult combo that adds a lot of meter and stun than the normal BNB. If it's too hard then replace [4]6B, 2D to [2]8A which sacrifices damage for more consistency.
H>214AC, 2C > 4/6B > j.214C, [2]8A, (explosion) [4]6C, [4]6B, [2]8A 437 595 95% Corner H>214AC staple corner combo. Amazing damage, great stun and you almost gain double of the meter you spent.
CD > [4]6B (whiff), [4]6BD, [2]8A 202 220 25% Midscreen CD combo with meter burn. Decent, but not really optimal compared to your 1-bar combos.
CD > [4]6AC, [2]8C 233 180 20% Corner CD corner combo. This one is substantially better than the previous one as it has good damage.

1 Bar

Combo Damage Stun Meter cost Meter Gain Location notes
2B > 2A > 6B > j.214C, [2]8A > 2141236K 330 220 1 30% Anywhere Can input as 2147A 236K for the ender
j.8D > j.2363214P 241 140 1 15% Anywhere Instant overhead combo. Very strong mixup option. May be easier to input as 236 8D 214P
2B > 2B > 2B > f.5A > [4]6BD, 214BD, [2]8C 291 200 1 25% Corner
cl.A, cl.D (1) > 214AC, cl.A, cl.D (2) > 6B > j.214C, (explosion) j.214AC, 214D, [4]6D, [2]8C 384 465 1 60% Corner You can omit 214D for an easier combo.
cl.A, cl.D(1) > 214AC, 2C > 6B > j.214C, [2]8A, (explosion) [4]6D > 2141236K 440 355 1.5 55% Anywhere Can add [2]8A in the corner after [4]6D.

2 Bars

Combo Damage Stun Meter cost Meter Gain Location notes
2B > 2B > 2B > QM, cl.5D(1) > 214PP, 2C > 6B > j.214C, [2]8A (.[4]6D) > 2141236K 405 415 2 10% Anywhere Basic quick max confirm. Can add [4]6D only if done from 2nd or 3rd position
j.8D > j.2363214PP 374 70 2 10% Anywhere level 2 variation of instant overhead combo for extra damage.

3 Bars

Combo Damage Stun Meter cost Meter Gain Location notes
2B > 2A > j.214C > j.2363214P > 2141236BD 521 150 3 20% Anywhere Advanced cancel combo. Best used as point as below combo is more damage.
2B > 2B > QM, 2C > 6B > j.214C > j.2363214P > 2141236CD 548 210 3 10% Anywhere Basic level 1 into level 3 confirm. Only works in 2nd or 3rd position.
j.8D > j.2363214P > 2141236KK 535 70 3 10% Anywhere Advanced cancel option off of instant overhead for extra damage

4 Bars

Combo Damage Stun Meter cost Meter Gain Location notes
cl.D(1) > 214AC, 2C > 6B > j.214C, [2]8A, [4]6D~6D > 2363214P > 2141236KK 628 385 3.5 60% Corner
j.8D > j.2363214P > 2141236CD 629 70 4 10% Anywhere Climax cancel option off of instant overhead for extra damage

5 Bars

Combo Damage Stun Meter cost Meter Gain Location notes

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