Samurai Shodown IV/Amakusa

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[ Info Needed ]
Pros Cons

Move List


Special Moves and WFTs



  • Throw > 2C
  • Back throw > 66A > n.2C > 3S OTG
  • Back throw > 66A > 14-hit CD
Does not work against Hanzo.
  • Back throw > 66A > n.2B xx WFT
  • Back throw > [66P > n.5P]
Unarmed backhit infinite. Very weak, overall pointless but it's there.
  • (Corner) Back throw > n.2C > 2C
  • n.2C > WFT
  • CD BBC or 14-hit CD (12) xx WFT


  • Throw > 66A > 623D > 3S OTG
  • (Corner) Back throw > 66A > n.2B xx r.236A > n.2C > WFT
Does not work on Ukyo.
  • (Corner) 14-hit CD (12) xx r.236A > n.2C > WFT
  • (Corner) [14-hit CD (12) xx r.236A]xN
Pseudo corner infinite where Amakusa can loop back into CD off of a close r.236A due to its rage enhanced variant. Only issue is it requires Amakusa be in rage, so eventually the infinite will end because the rage timer will end. Try to end it with WFT before that happens to maximize your damage. In general, though, r.236A allows for a lot of combo flexibility in the corner.
  • (Corner) 14-hit CD (12) xx r.236A > n.5B xx r.236A > n.2C > WFT
  • 6D xx r.236A > 6D xx WFT
Basara only combo that confirms into WFT.
Samurai Shodown IV