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Move List


Special Moves and WFTs



  • Throw > 236S x3
  • Throw > 14-hit CD
Only works on Galford, Ukyo, Gaira, Amakusa, Tam Tam, Kazuki, and Sogetsu. If you do a back throw, it's possible against Charlotte and Genjuro, but also inconsistent. Genjuro's timing is very finnicky, but Charlotte is much easier to pull it off against.
  • Back throw > [66B]xN
Backhit infinite. By some merciful miracle, Basara is the only character who this combo does not work against. But Basara has other infinites to worry about regardless. He also isn't immune to the infinite if you do it naturally without back throw, but for whatever reason back throw into backhit infinite lets Basara escape because the attack straight up cannot hit Basara after back throw. Overall an easy infinite which takes several reps to kill, but not too many reps.
  • Back throw > 66B > 2C > 3S OTG
Again, this combo does not work on Basara, but will work on natural backhit 66B.
  • (Corner) Back throw > n.2C > 66B > 2C > 3S OTG
Harder to connect n.2C against Nakoruru, Rimururu, and Sogetsu.
  • Back throw > [66P]xN
Unarmed backhit infinite. Very weak, overall pointless. That, and unless the weapon is behind Genjuro, you'll likely end up picking it back up midway through the infinite, too.
  • n.5B or 14-hit CD (12) xx 236S or 623S
As Slash Genjuro, use 236A. 623S can be used to set up for a light pursuit if you're not in Rage.
  • 14-hit CD (12) xx WFT
  • 5D (2) xx 623S or Rage SCS
  • (Corner) [14-hit CD (12) xx 214S]xN
Infinite can also be done from hits 3~5 if it's too much difficulty to do from the 12th hit. Timing is pretty crucial.
  • (Corner) 14-hit CD (12) xx 214S > 623S or Rage SCS or Issen
Non-infinite variant of the above combo. Bust Genjuro can also do rekka as a combo ender.
  • (During Rage Explosion) j.C > n.2C > Rage SCS (9) > Rage SCS (9) > Rage SCS (6) > WFT
  • Backhit [623S]xN
Basara only infinite. The window to follow-up on DP is fairly strict due to the landing recovery and the waiting in-between each DP loop, but it fortunately deals high damage and doesn't require repositioning yourself. You (likely) cannot convert to anything else while doing this infinite, either. Once you do it, you have to commit to finishing it.


  • (During Rage Explosion) 236S x3 > Rage SCS
  • Backhit [214S]xN
Basara only infinite. The timing per hit changes very slightly since you slowly inch yourself backwards with each 214S because of the motion. You can follow-up with a DP to end it early, but it behaves as if it front hits, so it will knock down and end the combo.


  • (Corner, close contact) 214S (blocked) > Rage Explode > (214S hits) > Issen
Unblockable corner setup for unblockable Issen. Not terribly realistic, but possible to do.
  • Back throw > 66B > 236S x3
66B must hit as deep as possible for the link to connect.
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