Samurai Shodown IV/Tam Tam

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Move List


Special Moves and WFTs



  • Throw > 2C
  • Throw > 14-hit CD
Does not work against Genjuro.
  • n.5B or 14-hit CD (12) xx 421A > 2S OTG
  • j.C x2 > 2S OTG
  • Backhit n.2C > rising j.C > 2S OTG
  • BC > Issen or CD combo
  • j.C > n.5B > 14-hit CD (9) > n.5A > 14-hit CD (9) > n.5A > 14-hit CD (6) > 421A > 2S OTG
  • 6D x1-4 xx 421A > 2S OTG
Basara only combo. Most consistent in the corner. Each of the 6D links need to be done ASAP for them to combo properly, though you can get away with mashing it, too.


  • [Backhit r.623A]xN
Basara only infinite. Unlikely you'll land this due to the startup of the special move. Juggling from this attack is also difficult at first due to the slowdown that occurs when Tam Tam first uses it, making the next juggle or two harder to land in time before Basara falls to the ground. The rest of the loops become much easier once Basara is stuck at the top of the screen where not as much slowdown occurs, however. Easiest way to practice this infinite is have Basara disarm himself with taunt, swap sides, and practice the infinite from there.
Samurai Shodown IV