Samurai Shodown IV/Shizumaru

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Move List


Special Moves and WFTs



  • Throw > 623C
  • Back throw > 66C > 66A xx 623S
  • Back throw > 2C (1) xx Charge D
Does not work on Shizumaru midscreen. The combo is best if the opponent is as close to the corner as you can get them, and with the highest level of his charge connecting - Level 5. The cancel for the first hit of 2C is also tricky since the startup on the first hit is slower, but the next two hits are a lot quicker. The timing of when to cancel 2C also changes for each character. As a midscreen combo, you need all 5 levels for it to connect.
  • Back throw > Rising j.C > 14-hit CD
Gaira only combo. Difficult to time correctly, too.
  • n.5B or 14-hit CD (12) xx 623S
  • n.5C > Various
  • 623S, Rage SCS, Issen
  • Backhit n.5C > 2C or 5C
  • n.5B or front hit 2C (1) xx Charge D
Requires close contact to combo correctly.
  • (During Rage Explosion) j.C > n.5B > Rage SCS (9) > n.5B > Rage SCS (9) > n.5B > Rage SCS (6) > 623S


  • n.5B or 14-hit CD (12) xx 214A > 8S OTG
214B and 214C are also possible but deal the same damage. Default to 214A for the heavy pursuit. Midscreen you'll need to dash a little for the heavy pursuit. CD BBC can be used as the starter, but it only works in the corner.
  • (Corner) CD BBC xx WFT
Only works with both close contact, and against Nakoruru, Rimururu, Shizumaru, and Basara. Must be canceled ASAP in order to combo.
  • (Corner) CD (whiff cancel 2nd hit) xx WFT
WFT confirm that works on everyone, but still requires close contact or else the opponent will be able to block in time.
  • n.2C (1) xx WFT
Basara only combo. Requires close contact and fast cancelling in order to work.


  • Throw > WFT
Does not work on Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Rimururu, Shizumaru, and Basara. If it's a back throw, this works against everyone except Shizumaru and Ukyo.
  • n.5B or CD BBC or 14-hit CD (12) xx WFT
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