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Like the majority of wikis, this wiki uses numpad notation.

7 8 9

4 5 6    A B C D

1 2 3

The 9-point numerical direction system refers to the directions in which your pad or stick can be moved, with 7 8 9 being up left, up, and up right, 4 5 6 being left, neutral, and right, and 1 2 3 being down left, down, and down right. Thus 236 is qcf (quarter circle forward).


  • 5A - Standing A
  • 2A - Crouching A
  • 6A - Forwards A
  • 3A - Down+forwards A
  • n.5A - Close standing A
  • u.5A - Unarmed standing A
  • 2A xx - Indicates a special cancel.
  • r.236S - Indicates a special move while raged.



  • Run - 66
Your character will run forward until you let go of forward or you reach your opponent.
  • Back Dash - 44
Your character will hop backwards.


  • A = Light Slash
  • B = Medium Slash
  • C = Heavy Slash
  • D = Kick
  • S = Any Slash


  • 5D - Kick
  • 6D - Forwards kick
  • 2D - Crouching kick
  • 3D - Knockdown kick


  • Break Defense (Throw) - 4C or 6C
Throw your opponent to send them staggering in fornt of you, or behind you. Can be combo'd out of.
  • Side Step - 5AB
Your character steps to the side to avoid attacks.
  • Circle Step - 6AB while near opponent
Your character circles around the opponent and appears behind them to avoid attacks and escape pressure.
  • Universal Overhead - 5BC
A grounded attack your opponent has to block standing.
  • Combo Slash/Continuous Slash - 5CD
After hitting the opponent with this move you will be able to perform a chain combo of attacks. (See Mechanics for details.)
  • Deflect - 2146D
Parries slash attacks and staggers the opponent, allowing you to follow-up with a punish attack.
  • Blade Catch - 2146D while unarmed
Similar to a deflect, this parries slash attacks. Additionally, it disarms the opponent back and pushes them backwards, knocking them further away from their weapon.
  • Recovery Roll - 4 or 6 while waking up from a knockdown
Lets you roll in the respective direction on wakeup to reposition yourself instead of staying in the same spot.
  • Quick Recovery - 7, 8, or 9 while knocked down
Recovers faster off of knockdown.
  • Restore Life - 2 plus mashing any button
Slowly heals life while you're knocked down.
  • Light Pursuit - 3S (while opponent is down)
A quick attack used to attack the opponent while they're down. You're most likely able to get this on any knockdown, hard or not.
  • Heavy Pursuit - 8S (while opponent is down)
A slow, but powerful attack used to attack the opponent while they're down. You probably won't land one against a human being.
  • Weapon Flip Technique (WFT) - 4632AB
A powerful super move that disarms the opponent. Can be performed with full a Rage Meter or during Rage Explosion. Depletes Rage Meter after use.
  • Rage Explosion - ABC
A big shockwave, that will knock your opponent off of you if they're close. Can be performed while getting hit on the ground. You will NOT be able to use your rage meter for the rest of the match after Rage Explosion ends.
  • Rage Continuous Slash - ABC during Rage Explosion
  • Issen - BCD during Rage Explosion
A quick dash attack that does a hefty chunk of damage. Automatically ends Rage Explosion after it's performed.

Other Controls

  • Weapon Throwing Taunt - Start x3
Performs a taunt against your opponent while simultaneously disarming yourself and dropping your weapon next to you.
  • Honorable Death - 4632 Start
Ends the round immediately and forfeits the point to your opponent. You start the next round with full Rage.
  • Overkill / No Contest - 22866C
If the message appears at the end of a match, performs a fatality on your opponent.
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