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Move List


Special Moves and WFTs



  • Throw > 2C
  • Throw > 14-hit CD
Possible on Nakoruru and Rimururu but is exceptionally difficult.
  • Back throw > [66A]xN
Backhit infinite with 66A, with backhit being the only real condition needed. One of the easier infinites in the game, too, once you land the first 66A.
  • (During Rage Explosion) j.C > n.5B > Rage SCS (9) > Rage SCS > (9) > Issen


  • (Midscreen only) Throw > CD > 214B > j.C > 2C > 3S OTG
Microwalk for CD. j.C should ideally cross-up with Galford behind the opponent's back. Combos are still possible with a deep-hit j.C on front hit but it's very finnicky to get front hit. With the cross-up j.C, a variety of combos are possible.
  • Back throw > 66A > CD > 214B > j.C > 2C > 3S OTG
Variant of the above combo. Does not work against Nakoruru, Hanzo, Galford, Kyoshiro, Genjuro, and Gaira.
  • 14-hit CD (12) xx 214A or 236S
You can heavy pursuit in the corner after Plasma Blade.
  • (Midscreen only) CD > 214B > 66A > 14-hit CD
Does not work against Nakoruru, Hanzo, Galford, Kyoshiro, Genjuro, and Gaira. 214B disables the opponent's pushbox, so if you time doing 66A right, you will connect a backhit just after you side-switch. From there, go ham with the combo system.
  • (Midscreen only) [CD > 214B > j.C]xN
Does not work on Nakoruru, Hanzo, Galford, Kyoshiro, Genjuro, and Gaira. Every j.C must cross-up for the infinite to work. You can also convert into Galford's 66A infinite if you wish during the middle of it.
  • (Corner) CD > 214B > 14-hit CD (12) xx 236S > 8S OTG
  • Backhit 66A > 2B xx 236S > 8S OTG
Pursuit is only possible in the corner. A simple but effective anti-air combo with good reward if you time 66A on backhit just right. Just run under the opponent and time 66A.


  • Back throw > 66A > CD > 236C or WFT > 3S OTG
The light pursuit is limited to only the corner after 236C.
  • Back throw > [66P > 236A/B]xN
Unarmed infinite combo that can be started from a throw. Despite being unarmed, it still does really high damage and since 236A/B doesn't knock down, it can be linked from on backhit for combo extensions. When you reach the corner, you can convert to the combo below.
  • (Corner) Back throw > [236A/B]xN
Unarmed Plasma Factor backhit infinite. Kills at around 7-8 hits. While the link isn't lenient, it's still pretty easy to time once you learn the first two hits since it's a consistent rhythm. You don't even have to worry about being pushed back, either. Both characters stay in place.
  • 14-hit CD (12) xx 236C or WFT
Standard Bust Galford BnB to default to. Respectable damage, only downside is 236C side-switching on hit every time, but it works on everyone at least.
  • 66P > 236A/B
Simple unarmed combo that still does okay damage by itself. Be careful as to not accidentally do 623X due to the inputs.
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