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Move List


Special Moves and WFTs



  • Throw > 5C
Against Nakoruru, it's preferrable to microwalk to ensure it doesn't drop. Rimururu's most consistent throw combo.
  • Throw > 66B > 14-hit CD
Difficult timing to pull off but elevates Rimururu's viability a lot if you can consistently do it. Throw not required to start the combo, either.
  • (Corner) Backhit n.5C > 66C > 8S OTG
  • Back throw > Backhit j.C or j.D > 14-hit CD
Only works on Gaira and Zankuro, aka big body characters.
  • [14-hit CD (13)]xN
Self-contained 14-hit CD infinite. More optimal to just do one loop then end the combo due to the low damage of the combo, requiring several loops in order to kill.
  • Back throw > [66P]xN
Back throw, unarmed infinite. Very weak damage and requires Rimururu be unarmed, so overall pointless. The timing also changes between pressing A, B, and C.
  • Throw or back throw > u.66AC or u.66BD
Unarmed joke combo if you want to rub it in. The timing on u.66BD is stricter without corner as it requires Rimururu be closer in order for it to properly connect. There's a chance that u.66BD will only land the first hit which doesn't knock down, but if you can do it consistently it does twice as much damage - from 2 to a whopping 4 points of damage. On back throw, u.66AC is your only option without corner. u.66AC is more consistent in general, but both are viable choices. On the 66P backhit infinite, you can even convert into u.66BD if you time it right, though it's much easier to do in the corner. u.66AC cannot combo from that infinite unfortunately. This is obviously not required to learn Rimururu, but it gives her unique unarmed dash attacks at least some kind of combat use.


  • n.5B or 14-hit CD (11) xx 623S > 8S OTG
Your go-to BnB as Slash Rimururu.
  • 236A > (while being attacked) Rage Explosion > 236A > Issen
Requires you be right next to the opponent. Unlikely you'll do this in a real match, but it's proof of concept for an unblockable Rage Explosion setup into Issen.
  • (During Rage Explosion) j.C > n.5B > Rage SCS (9) > Rage SCS (9) > Rage SCS (6) > r.623S > 8S OTG


  • Throw > CD (whiff cancel 2nd hit) xx WFT
Easiest to whiff the second hit with the CD BBC combo.
  • CD BBC xx 623C > 8S OTG
  • CD BBC > WFT > 8S OTG
It is possible to connect a heavy pursuit after the WFT, however due to the excessive screen shaking that plays after the WFT connects, it's difficult to properly time.
  • n.5B or 14-hit CD (11) xx r.623C > 8S OTG
623A and B also work, and without rage, but 623A runs the risk of whiffing accidentally.
  • (Corner) CD (whiff cancel 2nd hit) xx 236B > CD (whiff cancel 2nd hit) xx 236B > 66C
  • (Corner) j.C > 66B > CD (whiff cancel 2nd hit) xx 236B > 14-hit CD (13) > CD BBC xx WFT > 8S OTG
  • (Corner) [Backhit 623C]xN
Basara only infinite. One of the easiest infinites in the game if you can set it up, since even if Basara lands, you still have some time left to follow-up before the infinite drops.
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