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Samurai Shodown IV/Ukyo

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Move List


Special Moves and WFTs



  • Throw > 2C
  • Back throw > 2C > Rising r.1236S
If you tiger knee the input, aka press up forwards or 9 after doing the 1236 motion, you'll jump right before Tsubame Gaeshi comes out. Will not combo outside of rage without both the opponent in the corner and Ukyo far away enough to not use Ukyo's n.2C. In this case, 1236C will not combo, but 1236A/B will.
  • Throw > 14-hit CD
Only works on Galford, Ukyo, and Amakusa.
  • Throw > CD (whiff cancel 2nd hit) xx WFT
Does not work on Nakoruru, Rimururu, Hanzo, Galford, Kyoshiro, and Genjuro while midscreen. When doing CD, the A button is a good button to use for whiff cancelling into 2nd hit. Ukyo cannot cancel the second hit of the 14-hit CD so be careful not to use that version. If you're Bust Ukyo, the combo works against Galford and Genjuro.
  • CD BBC or 14-hit CD (12) xx WFT
  • 2D x1-4 > Rising j.1236S
Ukyo becomes much stronger as a character if you can consistently do this combo and also mix up the number of 2Ds used to confirm the hit.
  • (During Rage Explosion) j.C > n.5B > Rage SCS (9) > n.5B > Rage SCS (9) > n.5B > Rage SCS (6) xx WFT
  • (In corner, while Ukyo's back is facing towards the corner) [Backdash j.1236S]xN
Basara only infinite. Best to use j.1236A especially early on so it's easier to time your juggles while also not dealing with landing recovery on the stronger versions. Tsubame Gaeshi juggling on backhit is what allows this infinite to work.


  • CD BBC xx 214D > Rising j.1236S or Issen


  • n.5B xx 214D > 2C
  • Backhit n.5B xx 214D > 66C > Rising j.1236S
Practice the combo first by doing the whole combo without n.5B at the start. 214D's hitboxes are screwy on backhit, and can fail to combo properly into backhit stagger. The Tsubame Gaeshi link is a little difficult, but if the opponent launches directly up outside of rage, then it comboed. If they don't, the combo dropped.
  • Backhit (n.5B) xx [236S]xN
Basara only infinite. If you're not close enough to the edge of the screen, the projectile won't be given enough time to disappear offscreen, making the infinite drop. You don't explicitly be in the corner for the infinite to work, but close enough to it that the projectile can disappear.
Samurai Shodown IV