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Move List


Special Moves and WFTs



  • Throw > 5B
  • Back throw > 5C > 14-hit CD
Impossible if Sogetsu's back is facing right next to the corner. n.5C will combo, but it will push Sogetsu back, making it impossible to combo into CD.
  • 6D > 14-hit CD (12) xx WFT
6D gives Sogetsu enough frame advantage to combo into a few attacks, most notably his CD to start a CD combo.
  • Backhit 2C > 5B
  • 2C > Rage SCS
  • j.C > (n.)5C > 3S OTG
  • (During Rage Explosion) j.C > n.5B > Rage SCS (9) > n.5A > Rage SCS (9) > n.5A > Rage SCS (6) > WFT
  • 6D x1-4 > 3D > 3S OTG
Basara only combo. 6D into 3D is an easy link but 6D back into itself is very strict. Most this combo is good for is some extra damage and more time to hit confirm into CD against Basara. At most you can do 6D twice midscreen, and any more requires the corner.
  • 6D > (n.)2C
Basara only combo. Possibly stricter link than 6D into 6D, but nonetheless doable.


  • CD BBC or AAA xx 623A > 8S OTG
Heavy pursuit is limited to only being comboable from rage. Use CD AAA instead of CD BBC since it does slightly more damage.
  • (While 236S projectile is behind opponent) Rage Explode > (236S hits) > Issen
Unblockable Issen setup using Sogetsu's projectile. The rage explosion forcibly pushes the opponent back, which then leads to them getting hit by the projectile, giving Sogetsu a window to follow-up into Issen. He can also do Rage SCS with this setup as well (at least in the corner) and maybe a few other possible tricks.


  • Back throw > 5C > CD xx r.236B > (CD xx r.236B) > 5C
Impossible if Sogetsu's back is facing right next to the corner. Also does not work against Gaira and Zankuro because they'll be hit by all of r.236B's projectiles. The link from back throw into 5C is fairly strict so practice to make sure you cancel as soon as possible. Combo is doable anywhere including midscreen, but the second CD xx r.236B loop is only possible in the corner. Normal 236B will not allow Sogetsu to combo into 5C, thus the need for it to be the rage enhanced variant. All that said, if you're playing Bust Sogetsu in any capacity, this is a must-have combo. It shreds off 60% of life on one loop alone, and with the corner, while it won't kill, takes off nearly the entire opponent's life bar. And of course, if you're inclined, doing stylish combos with the corner as you end the combo with a CD combo in the second loop. Invaluable combo for Bust Sogetsu.
  • CD AAA xx WFT
  • j.C > j.623A > j.C > 3S OTG
Performing this combo isn't too tricky but involves a lot of fast inputs. Deep hit the first j.C, buffer j.623A immediately after landing as 62369A or 6238A, immediately cancel into the special as soon as you jump, let go of the lever so you don't accidentally jump up or away from the opponent, then immediately do j.C as soon as you leave the bubble. If done correctly, the second j.C will link and knock down the opponent.
  • Backhit j.C > j.623A > j.B > 5C > CD xx r.236B > 5C
Rare to do, but incredibly damaging combo.
  • (Corner) CD > r.236B > CD AAA xxx WFT
  • (During Rage Explosion; Corner) j.C > CD xx r.236B > CD xx r.236B > Issen
Does not work against Gaira and Zankuro. With high enough Rage meter, it's a round win.
  • Backhit (n.5B) xx [236A]xN
Basara only infinite. Juggle him high enough with 236A and you can throw 236B in, too. 236C startup is too slow to be used in the infinite. If you're not close enough to the edge of the screen the combo might drop due to the projectile not disappearing offscreen before it can be used again, but it's unlikely. Works midscreen, too.
  • (Corner) j.C > n.5B xx r.236B > Issen
Basara only combo.
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