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Charaimg chang.png


(*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK


Hagan Geki - Bk.gif / Fd.gif + C.gif

Naga Sute - Bk.gif / Fd.gif + D.gif

Command Normals

Hiki Nige - Df.gif + A.gif

Special Moves

Takkyuu Daikaiten - A.gif / C.gif repeatedly *

Tekyuu Daikaiten (Cancel) - during A.gif / C.gif + A.gif B.gif

Dai Hakai Nage - Hcb.gif Fd.gif + A.gif / C.gif *

Tekkyuu Funsai Geki - (charge) Bk.gif Fd.gif + A.gif / C.gif *

Desperation Moves

Tekkyuu Dai Bousou - Qcf.gif Hcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif !

Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu - Qcf.gif Qcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif !

Climax Desperation Move

Tekkyuu Dai Ousatsu - Hcb.gif Hcb.gif + A.gif C.gif

Quick Combo Reference

Quick Combo Reference

Notation Key (place notation here)

0 Meter

Low, Anywhere

cr.A, cr.A, hcb,f+A/C = 192 DMG
cl.B/cr.B, hcb,f+A/C = 182 DMG
CD, cr.C, charge b,f+C - 246 DMG

1 Meter

Low, Anywhere

st.D, MAX, cl.D, hcb,f+AC = 340 DMG
cl.B/cr.B, mash A/C, qcfx2+C = 364 DMG
CD, cr.C, charge b,f+C, qcfx2+C = 437 DMG

2 Meters

Low, Anywhere

cr.A, cr.A, mash A/C, qcfx2+AC = 444 DMG
cl.B/cr.B, mash A/C, qcfx2+AC = 449 DMG
CD, cr.C, charge b,f+C, qcfx2+AC = 508 DMG

Gameplay Overview

Health: 1200

Chang Koehan is a slow but powerful brute character who emphasizes the “short but powerful” combo style. What he lacks in speed (he has the slowest walk and run speed in the game), he makes up for with a good set of normals (particularly his jumping normals), a simple but powerful movelist, decent mix-up, and the best win animation in the game

Because Chang cannot rattle off rapid-fire attacks to easily overwhelm passive or inexperienced players, Chang relies heavily on solid KOF fundamentals. If you don't practice using Chang's normals to control space at neutral, you will be easy pickings for players and/or characters who can attack more rapidly, whether at close range or from afar with projectiles. Chang's limited combo routes mean he has fairly low execution requirements, but he is perhaps better suited for more experienced players due to the patience and intelligence his neutral game requires.


Has a skyhigh 1200 health, towering over the competition (normal health being 1000, and the closest value being 1100 on six other characters).

Great assortment of normals (notably: j.CD, j.A, cr.D, st.A, cr.A).

Can make most of his attacks safe by using his Tekkyuu Daikaiten (rapidly press A/C).

Strong hop pressure; Very low hop arcs for repeated pressure into high/low mixups or command grab.

Relatively simple combos; without max mode cancels your combos are 2-3 hits; with max mode, it’s 3-4.

Damage output is alright for 1-2 bars; gets really good in the corner.


VERY slow. His walk and run speed are the worst in the game.

Has many very slow and situational normals, such as s.C, cr.C, cl.D (anything heavy really).

His only wake-up options are command grab or supers.

Large size leaves him open to getting mixed up rather easily.

Brief terminology note: This guide will refer frequently to a technique called ball cancelling with Chang. What this means is to perform Chang's Tekkyuu Daikaiten Cancel (mash A/C, then press A+B), cancelling the move as quickly as you possibly can (so the ball only hits once). This is described in more detail in the Special Moves section.



  • st.A: Chang's jab reaches very high off the ground, making it vulnerable to whiff punishes from crouching attacks, but great for stopping jumps at all heights, or cutting the opponent off for ground poking with A/B normals. His primary anti-air, low-risk, but low-reward. Slightly plus on block. Not special or super-cancellable.
  • st.B: Shorter range than st.A, but will not miss crouching opponents. Neutral on block, whiff-cancellable, chains to command normals, and is special/super-cancellable. A good counterpoke and pressure tool if Chang has the opportunity.
  • st. C: A high-risk, high-reward anti-air. Starts a juggle state on air hit, but must be MAX-cancelled or MAX-bypassed to combo afterwards. Cannot hit opponents crouching on the ground (not even Chang or Antonov). Leaves Chang wide open on whiff. Not special-cancellable. Whiff-cancellable to ball cancel only, which can be an okay "kara-cancel" tool to snipe at people with ball cancel.
  • st. D: An okay whiff/punish tool due its range, but a bit on the slow side. One of his few MAX mode starters. Minus on block.


  • cl. A: Minus on block, but won't whiff on crouching opponents (not even Chin or Choi). Chains to command normals. Special and super-cancellable.
  • cl. B: Hits low. Chains to command normals. Special and super-cancellable.
  • cl. C: Much slower than a traditional close C, but hits overhead and inflicts a hard knockdown. Unsafe on block, but can be whiff-cancelled to ball cancel for a feint that's safe on block.
  • cl. D: Fun to look at, but not very useful, because it's neither MAX-cancellable nor low-invulnerable. Not that great of an anti-air, either. Avoid using this move.


  • cr. A: Another quick elbow. Chang's fastest normal at 5 frames, and his only chainable/confirmable combo starter. Also a key move in his frametraps and hop pressure. It shuts down the opponents hop pressure as well. Great move.
  • cr. B: Chang's fastest low at 8f startup. Special-cancellable, but doesn't chain to/from other A/B normals.
  • cr. C: Chang's more rewarding C ground normal. Has very short horizontal range, but starts a juggle combo on hit. Can be MAX-cancelled, special-cancelled, or super-cancelled(?) to collect a combo afterwards. Its only limitation is its slow startup speed, making it easy to safe-jump with low jump attacks.
  • cr. D: Chang whips around with his wrecking ball dragging along the ground. A slow sweep with amazing reach. Useful not just for the knockdown, but because it is special-cancellable to ball cancel for a safe blockstring. Can chain to df+A as well for an unsafe double low string. Also whiff-cancelable into an armored anti-air (b~f+P).


  • j. A: A good defensive air-to-air, fast and active with great reach. If the opponent is too close to use j.C or j.CD without being interrupted, this is the air-to-air you use. Works better when Chang is higher in the air than his opponent. A decent jump-in to start a combo as well.
  • j. B: Also a good anti-air and jump-in. Can hit crouching opponents from a hop earlier than j.A can, which is good if you need to stuff someone's C/D anti-air. It also beats low profiling attempts.
  • j. C: One of Chang's core zoning tools. Not very fast, but is faster than j.CD with only slightly less range, and is an overhead. Very useful from a backwards low jump against an opponent you are convinced will stay on the ground.
  • j. D: Slow, but reaches farther downward than any of Chang's other jump normals. Use this move in the rare cases when you are low jumping at an opponent close by. His only crossup move, but very difficult to combo after.


  • st. CD: After a short wind-up, Chang thrusts forward, belly first. Chang's gigantic gut is a pretty good tool to throw out in the neutral, where it serves as a preemptive anti-air and a vehicle for whiff canceling into specials. On hit, you can follow up with either Tekkyuu Funsai Geki C, Tekkyuu Dai Bousou, or run towards them for oki. This attack leads to huge damage in the corner, but beware that most characters can punish it if blocked and not canceled into specials. There are easy meaty setups that make it safe on block though.
  • j. CD: Chang swings his wrecking ball beneath himself. Another core zoning tool for Chang. Though j.CD is Chang's slowest jumping attack, its enormous range gives him the ability to poke safely (if uninterrupted) at his opponent from far away. Smart use of this move, combined with pressure gaps and careful movement, is the core of Chang's gameplay. The blockstun from this move lets Chang’s slower normals come into play. In the corner on counter hit, this leads to Chang’s highest damage output.


Hagan Geki - (b/f+C) close

  • Chang grabs his opponent and headbutts them. Causes hard knockdown and leaves them nearby you (about same range as his command grab). A good normal throw for follow up pressure, although you’ll probably be using his command grab more often for this sort of thing.

Nage Sute - (b/f+D) close

  • Chang grabs his opponent and hurls them behind him. Causes a soft knockdown and leaves them about ⅞ of a screen away from you. Great for getting some space if you want it, or for side switches.

Command Moves

Hiki Nige - df + A

  • Chang slides across the ground, wrecking ball first. Unsafe on block, regardless of spacing. This attack is very gimmicky, but don’t be afraid to use it. Chang advances good distance with this attack and can avoid most fireballs. You can always max mode cancel to make this move safe. Can not be special or super cancelled, however. In MAX mode, you can OTG off this attack with his EX Tekkyuu Daikaiten if they don’t recover.

Special Moves

Tekkyuu Daikaiten - (mash A/C repeatedly)

  • Chang’s most important special move. Performed by pressing A/C four times in rapid succession, Chang will spin his wrecking ball around in front of him in a wide arc five times. Each swing deals damage chips, and can disintegrate projectiles. It’s a good idea to cancel everything you can into this move for damage and pressure. Normally, this attack is horribly unsafe since the first hits pushes out the opponent, but it can be cancelled early by pressing AB (holding the buttons is recommend just to be sure). Slight forward/backward movement is possible while doing this move. Super cancellable.
Tekkyuu Daikaiten (Cancel) - during Tekkyuu Daikaiten, A+B
  • As described above, pressing or holding AB will make Chang stop spinning his ball around. Use this to make the move safe from whiff punishing or guard cancels. In mid screen strings, you can spin the ball twice and remain relatively safe but in the corner you can pressure/chip with all the hits by utilizing forward movement (and create frame gaps by moving away) Just beware of reversals or guard cancel rolls.

EX: The EX version deals more damage, sucks in, and hits downed opponents that doesn't recovery roll. The problem with it is that it can't be cancelled with AB, thus it's a guaranteed guard cancel roll punish if blocked. Very situational use.

Dai Hakai Nage - (hcb,f + A/C)

  • Chang’s command grab, and one of the best in the game. Very good damage (160) and applies a hard knockdown that can be safejumped after. An important part of Chang’s pressure game. Risky to whiff, but extremely rewarding if you land it. Can combo from his A and B attacks (notably, cl.B/cr.B) as well as cl.D.

EX: The best non super command grab in the game. It deals an unrivaled 240 damage, has ridiculous range, and has all the benefits of the regular version. There’s only one unfortunate weakness; the attack takes way too long to complete; it drains a ton of max meter.

Tekkyuu Funsai Geki - charge briefly b, then f + A/C

  • Chang winds up before hurling his wrecking ball forward. A situational tool in the neutral game; while it can punish people trying to throw fireballs at you, it has a relatively noticeable startup and can be rolled through, or even low profiled under. A version is faster and safer, while C version is mainly used to throw off the opponents timing or for combos. Has upper body autoguard properties during the startup. Very unsafe at close range; use it for mid-far ranges or as a situational anti air. Can combo into his supers if they’re close enough.

EX: Chang spins the ball multiple times before "throwing the line", then pulls in the opponent for a follow-up combo. Too slow and too punishable to be used in anything other than certain corner combos. It does have lots of autoguard, and the windup spins can technically anti-air an opponent, but sadly the final part have almost no chance of connecting after. Probably the least useful move in the game.

Super Special Moves

Tekkyuu Dai Bousou: - (qcf,hcb + A/C)

  • A Ranbu style super. Chang headbutts the ball a few times before performing a rushing attack. Hitting the opponent unleashes a series of attacks with a random ender. The run itself is so slow that it's hard to combo into, and not having a distinct point to advance/climax cancel hurts it's overall combo usage.
  • Still it's his main (albeit slow) reversal, and a reliable anti-air. On block it performs a guard crush but Chang is still punishable.
  • The different enders are: jumping belly flop, belly thrust, a kick, or slide. The belly thrust lets you raw MAX and tack on a Mash AC if done in the corner. The kick is rare but the only advance cancelable ender. Slide gives the best knockdown.

Max:A much increased speed and slightly more countable hits makes this an excellent super to combo both into and out of. The kick ender is extremely rare and doesn’t seem to combo into anything, but the belly thrust ender now wallbounces for an OTG follow up anywhere. Tip: after the command grab -looking portion, you have 4 more hits to Climax cancel.

Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu - (qcfx2 + A/C)

  • Chang floats into the air with the greatest of ease, damaging enemies on the way up. He then crashes back down to earth in a glorious belly flop. A version strikes once, while C version will cause him to land on the opponent with his belly flop, dealing an additional hit. He also travels slightly farther with the C version. This attack features a few frames of invincibility (A has full body invul, but only hits standing opponents, while C has only low body invul but a huge hitbox) and very strange counter-hit properties versus aerial opponents. Generally speaking, A version is your go to anti air version, while C is the combo version. If you manage to actually hit an opponent only on the way down, it deals less damage but hits overhead. The attack can also cross up on the way down. HORRIBLY unsafe on block or whiff; Chang falls face down in both scenarios.
  • About those weird aerial counter hit scenarios... On air counter-hit, A version damage goes from 180 to 225 for one hit. If the opponent is deep enough on a jump in, you can actually hit twice and deal 367 damage. The C version will also do this damage (and gets it on counter hit regardless of where). However, getting two hits on counter hit vs an aerial opponent with this attack will leave you UNSAFE on hit. Because of this, A version should be the only version used as an anti air, and only when the opponent is high enough above you. Generally speaking though, you have better anti-air options, so you’re better off going for those instead anyway. If the A version trades vs a jump-in, and either of you are cornered, it’s possible to juggle after.

Max:The ultimate belly flop. Deals much more damage than the others, and doesn’t have that dreaded option for being punished on counter-hit. Has slightly longer invulnerability (I think) and is better in the rare trade situation. If you whiff, Chang slams down onto the ground and causes a full screen low hitting shockwave that deals minor damage and causes a hard knockdown. Otherwise, it’s uses are pretty much the same as the non MAX version. It has smaller hitbox than qcfx2+C though, which is felt in combos. In certain situations, you can technically get three hits with this attack, but don’t expect it too often.

Climax Super Special Moves

Tekkyuu Dai Ousatsu - (hcbx2 + AC)

After a brief wind up, Chang will spin his wrecking ball around in circles four times. If he successfully connects the last hit of the attack, a brief cinematic will occur where he grand slams the opponent into the distance. After a short period, the opponent will return behind Chang. This attacks deals massive damage (475) and, like almost everything Chang does, causes a hard knockdown. This is your highest damage combo ender, but is a bit difficult to combo into due to the lack of any movement forward. On block or whiff, Chang will fall over, dizzy and exhausted; he is left wide open to punish.



0 meter

  • Rush Combo>AB (163 DMG)

(Good damage for meterless up close, and is safe.)

  • cr.A, cr.A, df+A (106 DMG)

(A good way to confirm the slide, if you want to go for it. Not really optimal, however.)

  • cr.A, cr.A, hcb,f+A/C (192 DMG)

(The closest thing you can get to hit confirm into his command grab. Respectable damage for meterless.)

  • cr.A, cr.A, mash A/C>AB (147 DMG)

(A farther reaching variant of the rush combo.)

  • cl.B/cr.B, df+A (68 DMG)

(Low hitting “confirm” into slide. As with the cr.A variant, not particularly relevant.)

  • cl.B/cr.B,hcb,f+A/C (182 DMG)

(A low attack before grab. Less damage than the cr.A version.)

  • cl.B/cr.B, mash A/C>AB (134 DMG)

(If you’d rather not risk them blocking your B attack and punishing you, this is a safer option.)

  • cl.D, hcb,f+A/C (232 DMG)

(This is a link, but it’s his highest damage combo outside of the corner.)

  • st.CD, b~f+C (194 DMG)

(If you land the attack midscreen, this is the only thing you’re getting off it. You can charge back after the CD hits and still get the attack.)

  • j.A, cr.A, cr.A, mash A/C>AB (183 DMG)

(Good damage jump in option. Must hit deep to connect two cr.A’s; you can forfeit one and get 167 damage instead.)

  • j.A, cr.A, cr.A, hcb,f+A/C (226 DMG)

(Highest damage jump in option from j.A meterless. Might be a bit tricky to land (due to having to link the two cl.A/cr.A then cancelling immediately into command grab). Can remove one of the cr.A for 212 DMG, which is acceptable.)

  • j.A, cr.B, mash A/C>AB (172 DMG)

(An easier version of the cr.A variation. You can technically go for cl.B instead, but the j.A will have to be deeper due to the additional frame of startup on cl.B.)

  • j.A, cr.B, hcb,f+A/C (217 DMG)

(An easier variation of the cr.A variation. You can technically do any of the above with j.B instead of j.A, but j.A is easier.)

  • j.C, cr. A, mash A/C (192 DMG)

(A combo off j.C. Not very practical due to j.C’s odd hitbox leaving you out of range for good follow ups.)

  • j.C, cr. A, hcb,f+A/C (237 DMG)

(OK combo off j.C. See above comment about j.C.)

  • j.C, cr. B, mash A/C (197 DMG)

(See the above.)

  • j.C, cr. B, hcb,f+A/C (242 DMG)

(Slightly better damage, but very space dependent to land.)

  • j.D, cr.A cr.A, hcb,f+A/C (251 DMG)

(Jump in combo off j.D. You can sacrifice one cr.A for 237 DMG instead.)

  • jump forward j.CD (counter hit), mash A/C>AB (216 DMG)

(Good damage off of j.CD.)

Corner only

  • s.CD, Mash P (165 DMG)
  • s.CD, cr.C, b~f+C (246 DMG)

(Beware that raw s.CD is technically punishable)

  • j.CD (counter hit), cr.C (high), b~f+A, mash A/C>AB (362 DMG)

1 meter

  • Rush Combo (214 DMG)

(It’s OK. You got much better options, though.)

  • cr.A, cr.A, Mash P, qcfx2+C (364 DMG)

(His bread and butter. Make sure to super cancel Mash P at the earliest frame possible.)

  • cr.A, cr.A, qcf,hcb+A/C (204 DMG)

(If you’d rather get the ranbu, here you go.)

  • cl.B/cr.B, qcfx2+C (273 DMG)

(Low hitting option, albeit difficult to confirm into.)

  • cl.B/cr.B, Mash P, qcfx2+C (364 DMG)

(Doesn’t connect from a max range cr.B though.)

  • cl.B/cr.B, qcf,hcb+A/C (194 DMG)

(Low version for ranbu, if you want it.)

  • st. C (air hit), qcf,hcb+A/C (324 DMG)

(Anti-air combo option.)

  • cr.C, charge b,f+C, qcfx2+C (433 DMG)

(Chang’s max damage combo outside of the corner.)

MAX mode starters: Unlike most characters, Chang doesn’t have many good ways to confirm into max mode. Here are some notable ones - st.C, st.D, cr. A*2, and cl.B/cr.B.

  • MAX starter -> cr.A*2/cl.B/cr.B, qcf,hcb+A/C (247-297 DMG)Basic max mode combo.

  • st.D MAX, cl.B, mash AC (233 DMG)

(If you’d rather have a full screen to work with, this is a good option. For more damage (albeit more difficult to perform) you can go for st.C max cr.C mash AC for 257 DMG.)

  • s.D MAX cl.D, hcb,f+AC (308 DMG)

(At 16 frames startup this long starter is one of your main punishers for blocked DPs. )

  • cl.C MAX Mash AC (189 DMG)

(Overhead starter. Also safe on block.)

Corner only

  • j.D, cr.A, mash A/C, qcfx2+C (409 DMG)

(Jump in corner combo. )

  • st.CD, mash P, qcf*2+C (372 DMG)

(Safe confirm.)

  • st.CD, cr.C, charge b,f+C, qcfx2+C (437 DMG)

(Max damage in the corner for one bar, not factoring jump ins.)

  • s.CD MAX cr.C, b~f+AC, Mash A+C (285 DMG)

(Activation makes this confirmable/safe. )

  • j.CD (counter hit), cr. C, charge b,f+C, qcfx2+C (521 DMG)

(Highest damage for one bar in the corner. Good luck getting this.)

2 meters

Practically all of his 2 bar and above combos are similar to his 1 bar combos; just do the MAX version of his super or advance/climax cancel the super. Listed below are some examples of this, as well as some 2 bar only combos.

  • cr.A(x2), Mash P, qcfx2+AC (444 DMG)

(Does the same damage either way, and a single cr.A is more reliable after a jump-in for minimal damage loss (435 DMG). You can also go for cl.B/cr.B for 5 more damage (albeit harder to confirm).)

  • st. C (air hit), MAX, cr.C, Mash P, qcf,hcb+AC (555/595 DMG)

(Works on both normal and counter hit, but needs different timing. Learn to counter hit confirm!)

  • st. C (air counter hit only), MAX, st. C, qcf,hcb+AC (605 DMG)

(Max damage off of an anti-air. A little tricky to perform; you have to enter max mode, run a couple steps, and press st.C again to get this combo.)

  • s.D MAX cr.A, Mash P, qcfx2+AC (451 DMG)

(It’s technically possible to get a cl.B/cr.B instead of cr.A for 455 DMG, but it’s not really consistent enough (nor enough of a damage boost) to be worth dropping the combo.)

All jump in combos are identical to the 1 meter combos; just do the MAX version super.

Corner Only

  • s.CD MAX cr.C, b~f+C, qcfx2+AC (452 DMG)

(The activation makes it safer than it’s 1 bar counterpart.)

3 meters

All 1 meter combos involving his ranbu super can be advanced cancelled into belly flop.

  • cr.A(x2), Mash P, hcbx2+AC (554-545 DMG)

(Single cr.A actually deals more damage. )

  • cl.B/cr.B, mash A/C, hcbx2+AC (559 DMG)

(Low variation.)

Corner only

  • s.CD, cr.C, b~f+C, qcf,hcb+A/C, qcfx2+AC (535 DMG)

(3 bar combo from CD in the corner.)

  • j.CD, cr.C, charge b,f+C, qcf,hcb+A/C, qcfx2+AC (643 DMG)

(Chang’s second highest 3 bar combo. Unlike the next combo, this leaves them in the corner.)

  • j.CD, cr.C, charge b,f+C, hcbx2+AC (660 DMG)

(Chang’s highest 3 bar damage combo. Does take them out of the corner, however.)

4 meters

All 4 bar combos are his 1 bar combos involving ranbu with a climax cancel.

5 meters

All his 5 meter combos are his 2 bar combos involving MAX ranbu, with a climax cancel.

  • cr.A(x2), Mash P, qcf,hcb+AC, hcbx2+AC (~692 DMG)

(Easy confirm into climax without max mode.)

  • st. C (air hit), MAX, cr.C, Mash P, qcf,hcb+AC, hcbx2+AC (770/810 DMG)

(Anti air combo for 5 bar. Can work from both regular or counter hit.)

  • st. C (air counter hit), MAX, st. C, qcf,hcb+AC, hcbx2+AC (838 DMG)

(Chang’s max damage combo.)


  • Many of Chang’s normals can be used to tick throw into his command grab. Good normals include cl.A, cr.A, cl.B, cr.B, and st.B. You can also go for a command grab during hop D/CD pressure, as this usually encourages players to hold back (which keeps them still long enough to get an easy grab in). EX command grab has ridiculous range, so you can use that to grab people when they aren’t expecting it.
  • Chang’s EX Tekkyuu Funsai Geki can be looped in the corner for good damage, but this is unlikely to occur. To perform this, you’ll have to be near the corner alongside the opponent. After landing the attack, you have to time the attack so that the opponent is struck by the wrecking ball on at least the third hit of the spin (right before he thrusts the wrecking ball forward). This can be done indefinitely. You can end this combo with cr.C, super.

Frame Data

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