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Charaimg iori.png


(*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK


Sakahagi - close Bk.gif / Fd.gif + C.gif

Kanyarai - close Bk.gif / Fd.gif + D.gif

Command Normals

Ge-Shiki • Yumebiki - Fd.gif + A.gif

Ge-Shiki • Yumebiki (Follow Up) - A.gif

Ge-Shiki • Gofu In 'Shinigami' - Fd.gif + B.gif

Ge-Shiki • Yuriori - in air Bk.gif + B.gif

Special Moves

108 Shiki • Yamibarai - Qcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif (*)

100 Shiki • Oniyaki - Dp.gif + A.gif / C.gif (*)

127 Shiki • Aoibana 1 - Qcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif (*)

127 Shiki • Aoibana 2 - [127 Shiki • Aoibana 1] Qcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif
127 Shiki • Aoibana 3 - [127 Shiki • Aoibana 2] Qcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif

212 Shiki • Kototsuki In - Hcb.gif + B.gif / D.gif (*)

Kuzukaze - close, Hcb.gif, Fd.gif + A.gif/C.gif (*)

311 Shiki • Tsumakushi - Dp.gif + B.gif / D.gif (*)

Super Special Moves

Kin 1211 • Yaotome - Qcf.gifDf.gifQcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif (!)

Ura 316 Shiki • Saika [Kin 1211 • Yaotome A.gif or C.gif ] Qcf.gif x4 + A.gifC.gif

Ura 1018 Shiki • Yashiori - Qcb.gif Db.gifQcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif (!)

Climax Super Special Moves

Kin 1218 Shiki • Yatagarasu Qcf.gif Qcf.gif + B.gifD.gif

Quick Combo Reference

Quick Combo Reference


0 Meter

Low, Anywhere
Close, Anywhere

cr.B, cr.B, cr.A, qcb+Ax3 = 174 DMG
j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+Cx3 = 268 DMG
hcb~f+P, cr.C, qcb+Cx3 = 179 DMG

1 Meter


j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, f+A, qcb+ACx3, hcb+BD = 383 dmg
C+D, qcf+A, [SC] qcf~hcb+P = 312 dmg

2 Meters


j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, f+A, qcb+ACx3, qcb+A, qcb+P [SC] qcf~hcb+P = 579 dmg
C+D, qcf+A, [SC] qcf~hcb+P, qcfx4+AC = 428 dmg

Gameplay Overview

Iori is one of the most versatile characters in KOF, with a wide array of normals and specials for both offense and defense. He uses his high mobility and his dominant normals to flit in and out of ranges as he needs for zoning or pressure. When Iori is in your face, he can pour on the pressure with hop pressure, ground overheads, strong lows, a command throw that starts a combo, and one of the nastiest crossups in the game. At range, he has a Shoryuken-style move to anti-air and wake up with, some great counterpokes, anti-air and air-to-air normals, as well as a decent projectile to fight fireball wars with. He has some of the deadliest MAX mode conversions in the game and a phenomenal Climax Art. His versatility and superb use of meter makes him a great fit for any team, in any order. His execution requirements range from low to medium-high depending on what you want to do with him, making him usable by both beginners and veterans.



  • st. A: Plus on block, but not special cancel-able. Can chain into itself at a very specific spacing. Generally not as much of an all-purpose poke as far B. Super cancel-able.
  • st. B: Minus but safe on block. Can be a surprisingly good anti-hop move due both to its range and how far it reaches from Iori's vulnerable face. Chains from his A normals and crouching B. Not special or super cancel-able, but a useful max mode cancel starter.
  • st. C: Fast, minus but safe. Doesn't hit quite as high as the graphic might suggest, making it a situational anti-air compared to cr.C and cl.C. No longer special cancel-able like in old games. Still super cancel-able.
  • st. D: Slightly minus on block. One of Iori's best pokes, with great range, speed, and safety to attempt counter pokes with. A great candidate for max mode cancel conversions.


  • cl. A: Plus on block, special/super cancel-able, and chains to command normals and his other A/B normals (except st.A). Leaves Iori close enough on hit to combo Kuzukaze. Advantageous enough on hit to link cl.C. Great combo/string filler and frame trap/pressure tool.
  • cl. B: Hits low, plus on block. Can link cl.C after on hit. Special/super cancel-able, and chains to command normals. Not chain-able to other A/B normals. Still a great close-range tool. + 2 on block.
  • cl. C: Minus on block, but otherwise an excellent frame-trap tool, combo filler, and close-range/run-under anti-air. Special/super cancel-able, chains into command normals, and is fast enough to link from Iori's cl.A, cl.B, and cr.A normals.
  • cl. D: Minus but safe on block. Super cancel-able, but not chain-able or special cancel-able. Whiffs on many crouching opponents. In most situations where you might use this move (combo filler, run-under anti-air), cl.C is a better choice.


  • cr. A: Plus on block, special cancel-able, and chains to command normals. A core pressure tool with his c.B and great string filler since it can chain to cl.A, cl.B, and c.B.
  • cr. B: An especially great c.B because it shrinks Iori's already low crouch even farther to the ground, making it great to duck under many non-deep jump-ins for an anti-air combo. Chains to all of Iori's other light normals, making it great for block strings and hit-confirms.
  • cr. C: Minus but safe on block. Reaches high above Iori's head, and can hit crouching opponents right in front of him. A great short-notice anti-air for when you can't react with a DP. Great 0-bar combo filler from Kuzukaze as well. Special/super cancel-able, and chains to command normals.
  • cr. D: A very high-risk sweep despite its fast startup, since it's not special/super/chain cancel-able and very punishable on block. Iori players should really steer clear of using this sweep to whiff punish in favor of his other long-reaching pokes. The only way to make this safe is to max cancel cancel it (it combos into hcb+BD with max).


  • j. A: Has short range but a nice number of active frames. Best used either for defensive air-to-air or as an early hop attack, but it can be low profiled by short c.B's.
  • j. B: One of Iori's best air-to-airs for offensive and defensive jumps. Good startup, good active frames, good range, its only downside is that it doesn't reach very deep and can be ducked under by many anti-air normals.
  • j. C: Iori's deepest jump-in besides j.CD and Yuriori. Has enough speed and active frames to be quite effective when thrown out early to try and stuff anti-air normals.
  • j. D: Slightly longer range than j.B. A great defensive air-to-air from a back hop or back jump, as well as a max-range offensive hop attack. Can be low-profiled by c.B's like Iori's own.


  • st. CD: Minus on block, but special cancel-able even on whiff. Punishable by fast supers. Reasonably fast, but not a lot of range. However, it can be hit-confirmed midscreen without special-cancelling via his qcf+C fireball into Yaotome.
  • j. CD: One of Iori's deepest jump-ins. Slow, but its depth helps give Iori massive advantage on block, and sets up fuzzy-guard mixups with his j.A.


Sakahagi - (b/f+C) close

  • Knocks them so far away you are back to playing neutral. Unless you throw them in the corner, of course.
  • Soft knockdown and can be broken

Kanyarai - (b/f+D) close

  • Knocks them down at roughly the tip of st.D range.
  • Hard knockdown and can be broken

Command Moves

Ge-shiki • Yumebiki - (f+A)

  • A fast, special cancellable combo tool
  • Punishable on block
  • Chains off of many of Iori's lights, as well as cl.C and cr.C.
Additional command - (A)
  • Can stuff hop attempts after a block string but not really useful otherwise, since hit confirms put you outside it's range in combos.

Ge-shiki • Yuri Ori - (back+B) in air

  • A nasty command cross-up that boasts a large amount of block/hitstun making it an important tool in Iori's mixup.
  • Can be performed from a backdash to fly farther and faster (see below in "Misc.")

Ge-shiki • Gofu In "Shinigami" - (f+B)

  • A slow standing overhead with 24 frames start up.
  • Punishable on block.
  • Super cancel-able, and a strong MAX cancel starter.

Special Moves

Yami Barai - (qcf + A/C)

  • A ground-riding projectile.
  • Both versions are fast and negative on block.
  • A version is slightly slower, making it safer for ending block strings, and approach.
  • C version is blazing fast and can catch your opponent off guard.
  • Note: if cancelling f+A into Yami Barai, use a tk motion, qcf~uf, so that you don't end up with Oniyaki.

EX: A very short range projectile that recovers quickly and puts hit opponents in crumple state. Mostly used as combo filler in MAX mode for second and anchor positions.

Oniyaki - (dp + A/C)

  • A flaming uppercut.
  • A version is short and recovers more quickly, but has no invuln
  • If only the last hit connects on an aerial opponent, it is possible to combo into EX Yaotome.
  • C version is longer, has a long recovery, and some invuln on startup. First hit can be super cancelled.
  • Soft knockdown

EX: Iori does 3 uppercuts in a row. Has much more invuln, and does more damage. can be used as a combo finisher.

127 Shiki • Aoibana (1) - (qcb + A/C)

  • The start of Iori's infamous rekka. The last hit of the rekka will knockdown and hit overhead.
  • A version is faster and slightly safer (but still not safe), but doesn't travel as far or do as much damage.
  • Fast enough combo after cl.B, cl.A, and cr.A
  • C version is slower, more damaging, and travels further.
  • Will combo after f+A, cl.C or cr.C

EX: Travels further than C version, does slightly more damage, and puts opponent in juggle state on the last hit of the rekka series.

127 Shiki • Aoibana (2) - (qcb + A/C)
  • In all versions, the second hit of the rekka is even more negative, and will knock back on hit.
127 Shiki • Aoibana (3) - (qcb + A/C)
  • Hits overhead and yields a hard knockdown. EX version hits mid and launches. Both versions are extremely unsafe.

212 Shiki • Kototsuki In - (hcb + B/D)

  • A running hit-grab (can be blocked) that is -17 on block.
  • C version travels further than A.
  • Only use if hit confirmed.
  • EX: Skips the run and just does the grab part. Fast, but still block-able as well as punishable, and will hit OTG.
  • Useful as a combo finisher since it gives hard knockdown.

Kuzukaze - (hcb,f + A/C)

  • A slow 14f command grab that pulls the opponent behind you.
  • Has enough hitstun to connect either a cr.C or a run-forward cl.C for a combo. Can use f.D or f.C if you are MAX cancelling. cr.C is the easiest option, while cl.C is the most damaging.

EX: Same as meterless version, but 15 frames and invuln startup.

311 Shiki • Tsumakushi - (dp + B/D)

  • Iori does a jump slash.
  • All versions are slow and negative on block, however, they can be cancelled into Aoibana (rekka) specifically.
  • Heavy kick version (D) has start-up invincibility
  • Can be used for pressure strings but nothing really combos into it except EX Yami Barai.

EX: On hit, will leave opponent in a short juggle state for combos. Hits overhead, has start-up invincibility and is -1 frame on block.

Super Special Moves

Kin 1211 Shiki • Yaotome - (qcf~hcb + A/C)

  • Iori's infamous "Maiden Masher," Iori dashes forward and slashes a few times before ending in an explosion.
  • No invuln, but a strong combo finisher.

Max: Still no invuln. MAX version travels faster and does 2 more explosions for extra damage.

Ura 316 Shiki • Saika - (qcfx4 + A/C)
  • Followup to Yaotome (not MAX mode). Iori does 3 slashes immediately after the explosion for extra damage.
  • As of 3.10 it’s also Advance and Climax cancelable after 3rd hit.

Ura 1018 Shiki • Yashiori - (qcb~hcf + A/C)

  • Iori throws out sparks in front of him. It slowly moves forward, and upon reaching the opponent will explode.
  • Can hold to delay timing.
  • +15 when blocked.

Max: More damage, and explosion lasts longer. +34 when blocked.

Climax Super Special Moves

Kin 1218 Shiki • Yatagarasu - - (qcf, qcf + B+D)

  • Iori's eye glows and he does one brutal slash that fills the screen with red.
  • Full invuln on it's very fast (8f) start-up.
  • Crazy amounts of damage, and easy to combo into with Climax Cancel.


  • When cancelling Iori's Maiden Masher into his Climax, delay the cancel a hair so that you get the full animation (where the screen turns red) and more damage.
  • cl.A and cl.B can link into cl.C.
  • Far A can link into cr. D
  • All combos can be started from a low attack as: cr. B, cr.A, then f+A or cr. B, st. B, then f+A but will net less damage.
  • You can start Max Mode combos with: cr.B, cr. A, f+A or cr. Bx, st. B or cr. Bx2, Far A or far D into [BC]


Rush Auto Combo

Meterless: Does 175 damage. 3 hits followed by light punch Aoibana(rekka).

1 Meter: Does 242 damage. 3 hits followed by Yaotome(super)

EX: Used in MAX mode. Does 370 damage. 3 hits followed by MAX Yaotome(super)

0 meter

  • cr.B, cr.A, f+A, qcb+Cx3 (185 dmg)

(This is the go-to low confirm.)

  • cr.B, cr.B, cr.A qcb.Ax3 (174 dmg)

(A slightly easier hit confirm for a little less damage. Second cr. B might not reach sometimes.)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+Cx3 (268 dmg)

(The go-to close confirm and jump(and j.4B) confirm. It's basically the same as the light confirm.)

  • j.C, cl.C, hcb+K (273 dmg)

(Does more damage, but you have less time to confirm.)

  • hcb~f+P, ff, cl.C, f+A, qcb+Cx3 (198 dmg)

(If you find connecting the cl.C f+A difficult, you can substitute 2C for a little less damage.)

1 meter

  • st. C+D, qcf+A, qcf~hcb+P (312 dmg)

(cancel C+Ds with qcf+A whenever you use it, and buffer the super. Will take some practice to confirm.)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+Cx2, [SC] qcf~hcb+P (381 dmg)

(Delay the super cancel if you are midscreen, else you'll fly under them.)

Max Mode Combos

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, f+A, qcb+ACx3, hcb+BD (383 dmg)

(Damage is only barely higher than the super route, but you get better oki.)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, f+A, qcb+ACx3, ff, dp+AC (400 dmg)

(Much harder to do, but you get the damage. No need to dash if you are in the corner. You can input ff~qcf+AC as a fluid motion.)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, qcf+AC, dp+BD, dp+AC (389 dmg) {1250}

(Time the finisher dp a hair late to get all the hits in.)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C qcf+AC, dp+BD, qcb+ACx3, qcb+Ax3 (420 dmg) {1500}

(Gotta time the Ex rekka real slow like. You can do normal pace with the last rekka.)

2 meters

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+Cx2, [SC] qcf~hcb+AC (491 dmg)

(Easier to connect than the 1 meter version, same otherwise.)

  • st. C+D, qcf+A, [SC] qcf~hcb+P, qcfx4+AC (428 dmg)

(Same as the 1 meter blowback combo, but with the super followup. Use the 1 bar super w/ follow up instead of the MAX version.)

  • dp+C (1), qcf~hcb+AC (383 dmg)

(A really uncommon combo you can do if you are anti-airing with dp+C or using it as a reversal.)

Max Mode Combos

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, qcf+AC, dp+C (1) [SC] qcf~hcb+P (507 dmg) {1000}

(A simple 2 meter combo to use when Iori is the battery.)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, qcf+AC, dp+BD, dp+C (1) [SC] qcf~hcb+P (558 dmg) {1250/1500}

(The go-to chain for second and anchor.)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, qcf+AC, dp+BD, qcf+A [SC] qcf~hcb+P (566 dmg) {1500}

(Good damage for an anchor combo.)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, qcf+AC, qcb+ACx3, dp+A [SC] qcf~hcb+P (571 dmg) {1500}

(Delay the last qcb+AC rekka for the dp+A to connect properly)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, f+A, qcb+ACx3, qcb+A~qcb+P, [SC] qcf~hcb+P (579 dmg) {1250/1500}

(Let the opponent fall a bit after qcb+ACx3, then do the qcb+A~qcb+P)

Corner Only

  • (corner) j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, f+A, qcb+ACx3, dp+A, [SC] qcf~hcb+P (581 dmg) {1000}

(No need to delay the qcb+ACx3 rekkas for dp+A to connect)

  • (corner) j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, qcf+AC, dp+BD, qcf+A, dp+C (1), [SC] qcf~hcb+P (591 dmg) {1500}

(Great damage for an anchor combo.)

3 meters

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+Cx2, [CC] qcfx2+BD (560 dmg)

(Same as the 2 meter version, but you use Climax instead.)

Max Mode Combos

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, f+A, qcb+ACx3, qcb+A~qcb+P, [SC] qcfx2+BD (596 dmg) {1250}

(Only marginally more damaging than 2 meter combo. Only use if you'll finish them off.)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, qcf+AC, dp+BD, qcb+ACx3, qcf~hcb+P~qcfx4+AC (635 dmg) {1500}

(Spacing is a bit tricky. If you time it too early you'll go under when you do the super cancel, or worse: you cross under them and super cancel into the other super.)

Corner Only

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, qcf+AC, dp+BD, qcf+A, dp+A, [SC] qcfx2+BD (630 dmg) {1500}

4 meters

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+Cx2, [SC] qcf~hcb+P, [CC] qcfx2+BD (597 dmg)

(Delay the super cancel if you are midscreen, else you'll fly under them. This is the cheapest climax cancel you are gonna get.)

Max Mode Combo

Corner Only

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, f+A, qcb+ACx3, qcf+C, [SC] qcb~hcf+AC, dp+A, [SC] qcf~hcb+AC (731 dmg) {1500}

(A tricky combo, but pull this off in a match, and you'll be, without a doubt, the swaggest kid on the block.)

5 meters

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, qcb+Cx2, [SC] qcf~hcb+AC, [CC] qcfx2+BD (757 dmg)

(The easiest way to blow all your meter at once.)

Max Mode Combos

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, f+A, qcb+ACx3, qcb+A~qcb+P, [SC] qcf~hcb+P, [CC] qcfx2+BD (819 dmg) {1250/1500}

(Same combo you've been doing, just with a climax cancel.)

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, qcf+AC, dp+BD, qcf+A [SC] qcf~hcb+P, [CC] qcfx2+BD (806 dmg) {1500}

(Same as above)

Corner Only

  • j.C, cl.C, f+A, [BC] cl.C, qcf+AC, dp+BD, qcf+A, dp+A, [SC] qcf~hcb+P, [CC] qcfx2+BD (841 dmg) {1500}

(Anchor only, super cancelling dp is as easy as the qcf.)


Backdash Yuri Ori

If Iori performs his Yuri Ori command crossup quickly enough during a backdash, he will fly backward much farther and faster than he would with a normal backdash. The easiest way to perform this trick reliably is to input the move as b,b+B.

Like Kyo's backdash Naraku Otoshi, this is a powerful spacing tool to allow Iori to "change his mind" about running at the opponent on very short notice. One of the most common applications of this technique is to do it as the opponent is waking up from a hard knockdown, just in time to make their reversal whiff for a huge punish.

Frame Data

Iori KOFXIV Frama Data Link


KoF XIV: Iori Beginner Breakdown

KoF XIV for Dummies - Beginner's guide to playing Iori

Iori Slow Motion Hitboxes

A Simple Iori Safejump

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