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Choke Hold - close, Bk.gif / Fd.gif + C.gif

Whackdown Wallop - close, Bk.gif / Fd.gif + D.gif

Command Move

Eviscerator - Fd.gif + A.gif

Special Moves

Sadomaso - Hcf.gif + B.gif / D.gif

Serpent Slash Upper - Qcb.gif + A.gif

Serpent Slash Middle - Qcb.gif + B.gif

Serpent Slash Lower - Qcb.gif + C.gif

Serpent Slash Hold - Qcb.gif + Hold A.gif / B.gif / C.gif

Cancel with D.gif

Screw Blow - Rdp.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Bombshell Badda-Bing - Hcb.gifFd.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Judgement Dagger - Dp.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Double Return - Qcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Fight of Tempering - Dp.gif + B.gif

Spray Sand - Dp.gif + D.gif

Desperation Moves

Insanity from Nightmare - Qcf.gif + A.gifB.gifC.gifD.gif

Guillotine - Qcf.gifQcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Drill - Hcb.gifHcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif (Mash for more hits)

Super Desperation Moves

Guillotine - Qcf.gifQcf.gif + A.gifC.gif

Drill - Hcb.gifHcb.gif + A.gifC.gif (Mash for more hits)

Hidden Super Desperation Move

...!! - Hcb.gifHcb.gif + B.gifD.gif

Gameplay Overview




  • cl.A is a cancel-able short gut punch
  • cl.B is a cancel-able shin kick that hits low
  • cl.C is a cancel-able hook punch that is good to use in combos
  • cl.D is a cancel-able high round kick that is good to use in combos and can hit opponents trying to jump out of the corner


  • Far A is a standing jab that can be used to stop incoming hops
  • Far B is a thrust kick that can used a close range poke
  • Far C is a wide hook punch that moves Yamazaki forward
  • Far D is a very good long ranged horizontal kick that be used as a poke in mid-range


  • Crouch A is a cancel-able crouching jab that can be used a mid to close range poke
  • Crouch B is a cancel-able crouching low kick that has a good horizontal range
  • Crouch C is a cancel-able backhand punch
  • Crouch D is a long ranged sweep that is not cancel-able


  • Jump A is a downward angle punch that can be used as an instant overhead
  • Jump B is a good ranged kick that can be used for air-to-ground approaches or jump aways
  • Jump C is a jumping uppercut that can be used from ground-to-air, it might whiff on some crouching opponents
  • Jump D is a strange looking downward angle good that can be used as an instant overhead
  • Neutral jump B has a steep angle than his jumping B which can be used as an instant overhead
  • Neutral jump C is similar to jump A but has more range
  • Neutral jump D has a long horizontal range that can be used as an air-to-air


  • Standing CD is a long ranged headbutt that is cancel-able
  • Jump CD is a swinging double hammer attack that is good to use for air-to-air


Choke Hold - (close, b/f + C)

  • Yamazaki grabs the opponent by the scruff of their neck and slams them face first into the ground
  • causes hard knockdown
  • throws the opponent almost full screen away from Yamazaki

Whackdown Wallop - (close, b/f + D)

  • Yamazaki grabs the opponent and flings them face down behind him
  • causes hard knockdown
  • the throw leaves the opponent pretty close to Yamazaki leaving him to have a variety of options to mixup during okizeme

Command Move

Eviscerator - (f + A)

  • Yamazaki punches in a downward diagonal angle toward the opponent
  • can be comboed into and if comboed into can cancel into a special move (ex: s.C, f+A, qcb+c)
  • from close range the move has two hits, from further than about two character distances away it will only hit once
  • both hits count as overheads if done raw, it loses that property if comboed into
  • on hit or guard the move pushes the opponent back a considerable amount
  • the move is negative on block slightly, but the pushback makes it hard for opponents to punish it well
  • Can be cancelled in Max Mode

Special Moves

Sadomaso - (hcf + K)

  • Yamazaki leans forward with his tongue out, daring the opponent to strike
  • counters mids and highs while the animation is active
  • if the counter lands Yamazaki immediately hits with his own upper cut that can be super cancelled
  • the move is beat out by most lows in the game, however it is hitbox dependent and some higher angled lows can be caught with it (ex: Seth & Vice's sweeps can be countered, but not Bao's).
  • it will counter a hit even from behind on Yamazaki, he will still send his uppercut in the same direction started.
  • the uppercut counter causes soft knockdown

Serpent Slash (Upper) * - (qcb + A, hold to delay)

  • Yamazaki's arm hangs limp at his side then strikes out with a whip-like limb
  • A version strikes in an upward diagonal arc
  • will hit an aerial opponent about 1/3 a screen away, a standing opponent a character length away and will whiff on crouching opponents.
  • it will whiff even point blank on standing smaller character like Chin. Bao etc.
  • on aerial opponents it will hit for 2 or 1 hits depending on spacing and cause soft knockdown
  • great anti-air tool
  • very negative on block

Serpent Slash (Middle) * - (qcb + B, hold to delay)

  • B version strikes out in a horizontal area in front of him
  • depending on spacing it will land 2 or 1 hits
  • hits mid
  • good spacing tool

Serpent Slash (Lower) * - (qcb + C, hold to delay)

  • C version strikes out in a downward angle
  • depending on spacing hits for 2 or 1 hits
  • though it strikes downward it actually hits mid and can be blocked by either standing or crouching opponents
  • depending on character specific wake up time this can be used as an OTG follow up (ex: dp+b, qcb+c)

Serpent Slash Cancel - (D while holding Serpent Slash)

  • while charging any version of the Serpent Slash you can press D and cancel it into Yamazaki's neutral stance

Screw Blow - (rdp + A/C)

  • Yamazaki winds up and unleashes a devilish liver punch
  • both versions hit mid and cause hard knockdown
  • both versions are safe on block
  • both versions hit from about a full character distance away
  • neither version has invulnerability and Yamazaki can be hit out of it easily
  • during the windup, since Yamazaki moves back a little, you might bait a poorly space move and get the hit
  • A version has a quicker windup
  • A version cause about 1/3 guard damage
  • C version has a considerably longer windup
  • C version does 100% guard damage and Guard Crashes on block

Bombshell Badda-Bing - (close, hcb, f + A/C)

  • Yamazaki reaches out and grabs the opponent, head-butting them into the ground
  • unblockable command grab
  • causes hard knockdown
  • can be comboed into
  • despite the range of the whiff animation you need to be toe-to-toe with the opponent for the grab to land

Judgement Dagger - (dp + A/C)

  • Yamazaki pulls a dagger from his pocket and proceeds to slash forward in fury
  • both versions hit mid and cause soft knockdown
  • super cancellable
  • solid combo filler tool
  • A version hits twice and will move Yamazaki about 1/2 the screen
  • A version is slightly negative on block
  • C version hits four times and moves Yamazaki 2/3 the screen
  • C version is pretty negative on block

Double Return - (qcf + A/C)

  • Yamazaki flings his hand up absorbing or reflecting projectiles
  • although the move is made for blocking/reflecting projectiles both versions will land two hits on the opponent and can be comboed into

Fight of Tempering - (dp + B)

  • Yamazaki kicks up his leg and crashes it down on the opponent
  • the first hit counts as a mid, but the second counts as an overhead
  • causes hard knockdown
  • can be comboed into
  • very negative on block
  • the move makes Yamazaki move forward quite a bit and the hitbox for the first hit is deceptively large
  • if the second hit lands and Yamazaki knocks down the opponent he can follow up with an OTG qcb+C

Spray Sand - (dp + D)

  • Yamazaki kicks a cloud of sand up in air toward the opponent
  • hits mid
  • can be comboed into and out of (ex: cl.C, dp+D, qcb+B)
  • can be used as a situational anti-air
  • negative on block

Desperation Moves

Insanity From Nightmare - (qcf + A + B + C + D)

  • Yamazaki runs towards the opponent, stabs them, then stomps them repeatedly then kicks them across the screen.
  • If Yamazaki misses contact with the opponent, Yamazaki stop running and shake his head
  • An unblockable command throw
  • Hard knockdown

Guillotine - (qcf, qcf + A/C)

  • Yamazaki uppercuts the opponent, grabs them by the face, then drags them across ground to kick them across the screen
  • Can be used as an anti-air or reversal
  • Has a small amount of invincibility at the start
  • Hard knockdown

Drill - close, (hcb, hcb + A/C) repeatedly (up to 4 levels)

  • A command throw that has 4 levels of damage depending on how fast you mash the punch buttons
  • Hard knockdown

Super Desperation Move

Guillotine - (qcf, qcf + A + C)

  • A stronger version of his Guillotine DM. Has the same amount of speed at the start
  • Hard knockdown

Drill - close (hcb, hcb + A + C) multiple times (up to 4 levels)

  • A stronger version of his Drill DM
  • Hard knockdown

Hidden Super Desperation Move

...!! - close (hcb, hcb + B + D)

  • Yamazaki grabs the opponent, slams them to the ground, then slashes them multiple times with his arms. Then he grabs them with his teeth and slams them down behind him
  • an 18F command throw that has invincibility
  • Inflicts 450 damage
  • Hard knockdown


0 Stock

  • cl.C, f+A, qcb+B/C
  • cl.C, dp+D, qcb+B/C
  • cl.C, dp+D, feint qcb+X, qcb+B/C
A tricky combo, not really important but may be preferred by some players. You do qcb+A/B/C and hold the button while pressing D to feint the snake arm special. Then afterwards you do qcb+B/C. Builds a tiniest bit more of meter than route above.
  • j.D, cl.C, dp+C/dp+B~qcb+C
  • cr.B/Far B/cl.B×1~2, cr.A, qcb+B
  • cl.B×1~2, hcb~f+P
  • cr.B/cl.B, cr.A, qcfx2+P

2 Stocks

  • cl. C [BC] dash, cl. C, dp+B (1 hit), dp+D, dp+B (1hit), dp+D, dp+C
  • cl.C [BC] dash cl.C, dp+B(1), dp+D, qcb+B~D, dp+B(1), dp+A, dp+B(1), dp+D, qcb+B~D, hcb+f B(1), hcb + A/C

3 Stocks

  • cl.C [BC] dash cl.C, dp+B(1), dp+D, qcb+B~D, dp+B(1), dp+A, dp+B(1), dp+D, qcb+B~D, hcb+f B(1), hcb + AC

4 Stocks

  • cl.C [BC] dash cl.C, dp+A(1), dp+B(1), dp+D, qcb+B~D, dp+B(1), dp+A(1), dp+B(1), dp+D, qcb+B~D, dash [2 stock combo]

5 Stocks

  • cl.C [BC] dash cl.C, dp+A(1), dp+B(1), dp+D, qcb+B~D, dp+B(1), dp+A(1), dp+B(1), dp+D, qcb+B~D, dash [3 stock combo]


Yamazaki combos by TGR_BrunoKoF
台灣-阿澤.Aze (Yamazaki Best Rounds)
阿澤.Aze (Yamazaki Best Rounds)
Yamazaki Master Class

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