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Combo Breaker 2016 KOF Tournament Results

King of Fighters 2002UM – 36 Entrants 1) Mario E (Chris, Seth, EX Takuma | Chris, Orochi Yashiro, EX Takuma | Others) 2) Flanagan (Ryo, Kasumi, Clark | K’, Kasumi, Clark | Others) 3) DesmondKOF (King, Kusanagi, Kasumi | Hinako, King, Kasumi | Others) 4) Sam W (Andy, Benimaru, EX Robert | K’, Benimaru, Xiangfei | Others) 5) Domino (Athena, […]

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Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam Time Zone Battle #1 Results

We had two brackets, one for east coast North America, and one for west coast! East Division: 1st Nick S 2nd Thwack 3rd MyJojob Bracket: West Division: 1st Matador25 2nd desmond_kof 3rd Nobunaga_Prinny Bracket: Good games & thanks to all the players who entered! See you at the next one! Forum Thread:

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