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King of Fighters XIV: Frame Data (Kyo, Iori, Nelson, Shun’ei) By TSS|Atma

While playing King of Fighters XIII, there were many different players submitting their findings for frame data. TSS|Atma has been the most consistent and accurate of all the players, and the most organized as well. Now, TSS|Atma is busy at work compiling frame data from characters featured in the King of Fighters XIV Demo! So far he has finished data […]

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King Of Fighters XIV Demo – Kyo Kusanagi Combo Video by ON|Dark Chaotix

Orochinagi’s Dark Chaotix has blessed us with a KOFXIV Demo, Kyo Kusanagi combo video! Here are his notes found in the description section: Kyo took me a while to complete. Kept coming up with different variations so meant making updated combos. I’m sure there is still some more options but I think i covered most of them. Linking his SDM […]

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King of Fighters XIV Demo Day 1 Crazy Combo Round-Up

Here is a small amount of combos players were experimenting with in training mode in the KOFXIV playable free demo! @dreamcancelsnk Just noticed you rted the Mai combo. I optimized it already, could you share it? — Antinomy (@Antinomy001) July 19, 2016 This is without a doubt the BnB. — Eli Jackson (@HBJohnXuandou) July 19, 2016 Kyo corner to […]

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