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Atlus sponsors a third major KOFXIII tournament for $1,000 — FinalRound XV

$1,000 seems to be growing from trees these days as ShinBlanka, administrator of, has just announced: We are happy to announce that Atlus Games has become an official sponsor of FINAL ROUND 15! Atlus will be providing a bonus prize of $1000 to the KOF13 tournament at FR15! You don’t want to miss FR15. March 2-4, 2012 is almost […]

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Dream Cancel thanks everyone for attending or supporting SCR’11 via stream

Finally time to catch up with everything. FIFTEEN thousand–number of viewers watching KOF XIII last weekend. As of now, SCR’11 will go down as the highest number of live viewers watching KOFXIII globally. No doubt this is due to SoCal attracting a high number of top US KOF players including LDA Bala, ArcadeShock|Reynald,|Mr Kof, TC|Romance, TC|Yoshi, The Answer, CMD […]

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UPDATE: It’s not over yet…9:30PM PST Special 5v5 SoCal vs NorCal grudge match!

THANK YOU for watching today everyone for the TOP16, if I blew up twitter I’m NOT sorry because the matches were HYPE! The last three matches we have recorded the last three matches that didn’t get streamed. BUT WAIT, it’s not over yet! ┬áSpecial exhibition match: SoCal vs Nocal 5v5 Grudge match @9:30PM PST The stream is on Level Up […]

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UPDATE 3 HOURS OF STREAM!!!!! SoCalRegional Top 16 stream starts at 4pm PST approximately…

In the meantime, follow the backets here and follow me here on twitter. UPDATE!!! We have been informed we maybe be getting an extra 2 hours of the top16 on stream, a total of FOUR hours For now, the stream is still scheduled at 4pm-7:15pm PST but of course it’s subject to change. The stream is on Level Up Live […]

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