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TheRunbacks: WNF adds KOF XIII to their new Thursday line up

Don’t forget: The infamous WNF, by Level|Up, have now added KOF XIII to their new Thursday agenda. From the President of Level|Up Alex Valle: The hype train continues with back to back fighting game action! Introducing ‘The Runback’, every Thursday nights start off with The King of Fighters XIII! KOFXIII has been making some serious noise in today’s tournament scene […]

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The King of Details #5: Counterhits

By PhoeniX Today, we will discuss the way counterhits work in the King of Fighters series. Just so that we’re all on the same page, counterhits in fighting games generally occur when you interrupt an opponent’s attack during its startup or active period. In KOF the definition is a bit more complex, and I will attempt to explain the many […]

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#NorCal Regionals X – KOF XIII Top 8 bracket results

King of Fighters XIII Top 8 Bracket KOFXIII Top 8 Bracket 1. TC|Chris KOF (Shen/Duo Lon/Iori) 2. TC|Yoshi (Billy/Hwa/Shen) 3. FC|NYChrisG (Kyo/King/Benimaru) 4. CCG|Air (EX Kyo/Saiki/EX Iori) 5. TC|TheBeast (Billy/EX Iori/Shen) 5. Laban (EX Iori/Benimaru/EX Kyo) 7. TDO (Kyo/K’/Iori) 7. coL.CC|Combofiend (Maxima/Takuma/Ralf) Grand Finals TC|Chris KOF (Shen/Duo Lon/Iori) vs. TC|Yoshi (Billy/Hwa/Shen) – (3-2) (TC|Chris KOF forces bracket reset) TC|Chris KOF […]

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NCR and MLG schedules for this weekend

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock with the Geico dudes, you’re probably pretty hype about this weekend’s double whamming majors for XIII, good thing you got your second monitor for some split screen action eh? NCR: Saturday 24th Sunday 25th For MLG broadcast schedule: Friday 5:00 PM – 5:05 PM Welcome and All Game Pregame Show 5:05 PM – […]

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Dream Cancel KOFXIII Online Tournament (3-17) Results

Over 20 XBL/PSN players showed up and battled on Saturday for a full 2 hours of online matches. Here are the results: PSN Divale [6 points] Constantine88 [5 points]                            DesmondDelaghetto [4 points] Angel_Shiranui [4 points] Tofu3421 [4 points] Duckator [3 points] solidshark [1 point] Nightmoves [0 points] XBL […]

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