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Tomorrow – Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam FT10 Steam Battle #1

WHAT: KOFXIII Steam Edition, First to 10 games series session 1 WHEN: Saturday, February 1st, 2014 @ 1pm PST/3pm CST/4pm EST. WHERE: Games will be played on Steam and we will meet up at the Dream Cancel chatango room WHO: All steam players from anywhere in the world are welcomed HOW: All players signed up will play each other […]

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DC KOF XIII 6/16 Online Tourney + New Weekly Ranbats Series (Poll)

At 3pm central standard time (1pm PST, 4pm EST) on 6/16 (Saturday) we will be starting another online competition for XBL and PSN players. The rules and regulations are here and the chat room to join is here. After the tournament, a results thread will be created in the forums and scores will be posted here on the front page. […]

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DC KOFXIII Online Tournament 4/7 RESULTS

Over 20+ online players showed up and played in our KOFXIII online competition this past Saturday. Here are the scores: PSN Diavle/Sookeek [16 points] Daireangel [14 points] DesmondDelaghetto [3 points] TheHungrywolf/Constantine88 [2 points] Shiranui Persona/Angel_Shiranui [1 point] NeoTrinity/ShadowRoxas [0 points] Xiceman191/datdudexiceman191 [0 points] Thunderfist4 [0 points] Crimson Assassin/Crimson_King [0 points] Cuchito09 [0 points] solidshark [0 points] XBL Calibur753 [8 points] […]

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Dream Cancel KOFXIII Online Tournament 4/7/2012

This Saturday at 3pm central standard time, we are hosting our second online tournament for XBL and PSN players. Players will meet in the KOF13 online lobby chat, and it is open to any and all players that are interested. No wireless connections, please! For more information, and details, please read this thread: See you there!  

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