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SNK Playmore’s recruitment page updated with Leona model

  SNK Playmore just announced through their Japanese Twitter account that they’ve updated their recruitment page – it now lists two new planner positions, one for a planner to work on a KoF title, and another for mobile titles. Experience and Japanese fluency are expected Additionally, it displays the picture above, hinting that Leona is a likely addition to the next […]

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PersonaEntertainment recently re-uploaded a older combo video that was originally uploaded a few months ago if you remember: This combo video shows 100% damage combos using Ash, Saiki, Billy, EX Kyo, EX Iori, Mr. Karate, Kim, Hwa Jai, and Raiden! Source: PersonaEntertainment

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Journey To Dream Cancel Cup Update: NYC’s KOF Weekend @ SB2 In August Joins Circuit

Galley The Pirate is running a KOF-centric focused tournament Saturday August 15th at Start Up Box in the South Bronx. More information will be added soon. The tournament will featured King of Fighters XIII, King of Fighters 2002UM, and King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition on Steam! This tournament will join the Journey To Dream Cancel Cup as […]

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EVO 2015 KOF13 Side Tournament Pools Match Videos by KingsofCo

Kingsofco are currently uploading match videos from the KOF13 side tournament at EV02015 that they streamed Friday July 17th! Features excellent commentary by Fro, Hellpockets, Juicebox, The Answer and others! Choysauce vs KC Notor1ous KCO Pedro vs Pandora DT Fory vs Choysauce Check out the kingsofco channel for more videos! Be sure to subscribe as well!

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Athena “The Wonders After Command Grab” Video By Misterio

Misterio recorded and uploaded a 11 minute video showcasing damage and screen positing options from Athena’s command grab (hcf+P)! The combos start off with low amounts of meter then progresses to harder HD combos using more drive and super stocks! If you play Athena, try some of these in practice mode! Share your thoughts on this video in the comment […]

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