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Our Thoughts & Impressions On The KOFXIV 24 Character Build at Combo Breaker 2016

This King of Fighters XIV Exhibition features myself (desmond_kof) on commentary with Atlus USA representative Will Chan! Shoutouts to bgCallisto for streaming and uploading the archive! This past weekend a few of the Dream Cancel staff attended Combo Breaker 2016 to play the King of Fighters XIV 24 Character playable demo build brought by Atlus USA! Thank you Atlus USA […]

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Combo Breaker 2016 KOF Tournament Results

King of Fighters 2002UM – 36 Entrants 1) Mario E (Chris, Seth, EX Takuma | Chris, Orochi Yashiro, EX Takuma | Others) 2) Flanagan (Ryo, Kasumi, Clark | K’, Kasumi, Clark | Others) 3) DesmondKOF (King, Kusanagi, Kasumi | Hinako, King, Kasumi | Others) 4) Sam W (Andy, Benimaru, EX Robert | K’, Benimaru, Xiangfei | Others) 5) Domino (Athena, […]

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Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam Time Zone Battle #1 Results

We had two brackets, one for east coast North America, and one for west coast! East Division: 1st Nick S 2nd Thwack 3rd MyJojob Bracket: West Division: 1st Matador25 2nd desmond_kof 3rd Nobunaga_Prinny Bracket: Good games & thanks to all the players who entered! See you at the next one! Forum Thread:

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Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam Time Zone Battle #1 – 5-15-2016

May 15th at 12pm Pacific/2pm Central/3pm Eastern Time will be our first KOFXIII Steam Time Zone Battle! The format of the event will be a bracket tournament! We have two brackets available for people living in different parts of North America. We will all meet up in the Dream Cancel Discord Server. For more information, rules and to sign-up, visit […]

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