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Duelling the KOF Results, Live Streams, Brackets, and Schedules

(This post has been updated with results) Duelling the KOF is taking place at the a-cho arcade during this three-day weekend in Kyoto, Japan.  In addition to the usual Japanese players, many international players are attending:  Korea’s MadKOF, Verna, Gutts, Kensouzzang; France’s, Fox, Salim, Tom Sawyer will be attending. ET from Taiwan will be arriving for casuals on the last […]

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KOF XIII: Duo Lon Visual Podcast Tutorial By FM Sway

FM Sway did a very creative stream concept last night by combining the audio from our Dream Cancel Podcast Character Series episode from last year which featured SirOctopus talking about DuoLon with a live visuals, testing and some commentary! FM Sway will be using more of the character series podcasts for these live streams, so be sure to follow him […]

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Thunderstruck 2014 KoFXIII Grand Finals EGN CG|Hugo vs LDA.XD|Kula

VideogamesXDTV just uploaded the grand finals between Hugo vs Kula from the Thunderstruck 2014 tournament this past weekend! It was originally streamed by Team Sabroso and if you would like to know more information about the tournament, check out the article by our good friends KOFFuneral: TOP 8 (33 participants) 1.) LDA XD| Kula 2.) EGN CG| Hugo 3.) […]

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