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KOFXIII Daimon, Yuri, Ryo, Joe, Terry, Raiden, Billy, Mature, Mai, and DuoLon Anti-Roll Option Select Videos

Mechanica has recently recorded and uploaded new videos demonstrating the corner anti-roll option select using Daimon, Yuri, Ryo, Joe, Terry, Raiden, Billy, Mature, Mai and Duo Lon. Be sure to view the video description on the individual Youtube video pages for a transcript on how to perform these option selects. He has also grouped the videos in a neat playlist […]

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Tomorrow Night on Dream Cancel Live – Episode 1: Thanksgiving, 2 Year Anniversary Since KOFXIII Console Release

  Tomorrow night at 9:30pm CST (7:30 PST/10:30 EST) will be our first official episode of our new live podcast show Dream Cancel Live! We will be discussing the 2 years that has past since the console release of The King of Fighters XIII, along with tournament announcements, news, and gameplay discussion with Q&A from the Dream Cancel chatango box. Players […]

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