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King of Fighters 98UMFE Quick 2 Minute Videos Guides By Mash It Out

Above is a video playlist of very quick gameplay tutorial video guides created and recorded by Mashitout from! The guides show a good amount of a characters tools, like anti-air, common pokes, spacing tools, and short combos! Recommended for beginners or intermediate players looking to learn a new character in 98UMFE! Source: Saso via Dream Cancel Discord Server

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Dream Cancel KOF98UMFE Steam Time Zone Battle #1 Results

We had two brackets, one for east coast North America, and one for west coast! East Division: 1st EmilKof 2nd holdentsf 3rd alekxdash Bracket: West Division: 1st desmond_kof 2nd logiciv 3rd jojocrimsonxiii (forfeit) Bracket: Good games to everyone who join us and played with us! Dream Cancel Forum Thread:

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Dream Cancel KOF98UMFE Steam Time Zone Battle #1 – 6-19-2016

June 19th at 12pm Pacific/2pm Central/3pm Eastern Time will be our first KOF98UMFE Steam Time Zone Battle! The format of the event will be a bracket tournament! We have two brackets available for people living in different parts of North America. We will all meet up in the Dream Cancel Discord Server. For more information, rules and to sign-up, visit […]

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Tournament Recap: Winter Showdown 3 – The Dream Cancel Cup Finals

In this post, I will be sharing my experience traveling and attending the Dream Cancel Cup Finals at Winter Showdown 3 in Denver Colorado! I had to catch a 5:30am flight from Minnesota to Denver Saturday morning. The flight was really quick and I was so excited when we landed. KCO Pedro picked me up from the airport. One thing […]

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Winter Showdown 3: Dream Cancel Cup Finals KOF Results

King of Fighters XIII (29 Entrants) 1st ET 2nd Violent Kain 3rd Animal (Kanibalito) 4th El Rosa 5th Huevo, TC ChrisKOF 7th KCO Pedro, Straywolf Bracket: Videos: Top 8 King of Fighters 2002UM (17 Entrants) 1st ET 2nd Violent Kain 3rd El Rosa 4th Huevo 5th Desmond_KOF, TC Chris KOF 7th PX Dani, KCO Jose Bracket: Videos: […]

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