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Team Dream Cancel vs Team PowerUp2012 6v6 videos

From PowerUp 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio: (because of the stream problems, the 5v5 exhibition could not be run, but myself and A-Visions decided to run a Pokemon style 6v6 on the casual set-up.) Greats (DC) vs A-Visions (PU) BananaKen (DC) vs SonicSpear64 (PU) Humbag (DC) vs Dandy J (PU) Desmond Delaghetto (DC) vs IGL BALA (PU) Check out more videos […]

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Japan XIII Kyoto KP cup and more BALA combos

From the Professor of mmcafe: Just a quick note, the top Japanese KOF13 player Kaoru, who’s pretty much been MIA after the console release, appeared at the Kyoto tournament last night and went on an OCV rampage beating everyone there (url was posted by Gunsmith so I’m sure people were watching). During the tournament, he also declared that he’s going […]

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TheRunBack w/ Extended Stream time along with UltraChen tonight!

TheRunBack series returns tonight but this time KOFXIII is going to be the main course! That’s right, instead of UMvC3, KOFXIII is going to be the entree for tonight which means MORE stream time. On top of that, mainstream FGC commentators, David “UltraDavid” Graham and James “jchensor” Chen are joining us for the first time ever. If that wasn’t enough, […]

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NorCal Knock-Outs brought you by STA x IPW – Sunday April 22nd

iPlayWinner and SouthTownArcade have been working overtime this year. The collaboration between the two has essentially single-handedly propelled KOFXIII US scene to where it is today with their now world famous RanBats. This Sunday April 22nd they are bringing a new event, NorCal Knock-Out, where it is an exclusive invite-only event for KOFXIII. Using an 8-man double elimination format, NorCal’s […]

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Thursday’s LevelUp w/ Offcast TheRunBacks returns tonight

High level KOFXIII gameplay Thursday returns with TheRunBack (#trb hashtag on twitter) tonight at 9pm PST. If you are in SoCal please try to bring everybody and anyone to SuperDojo tonight! As always you can catch the action on and the brackets will be updated when it’s out. EDIT: For live updates of the tournament follow me @dc_Kane317

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DC KOFXIII Online Tournament 4/7 RESULTS

Over 20+ online players showed up and played in our KOFXIII online competition this past Saturday. Here are the scores: PSN Diavle/Sookeek [16 points] Daireangel [14 points] DesmondDelaghetto [3 points] TheHungrywolf/Constantine88 [2 points] Shiranui Persona/Angel_Shiranui [1 point] NeoTrinity/ShadowRoxas [0 points] Xiceman191/datdudexiceman191 [0 points] Thunderfist4 [0 points] Crimson Assassin/Crimson_King [0 points] Cuchito09 [0 points] solidshark [0 points] XBL Calibur753 [8 points] […]

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