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KOF XIII on ConsoleCombat at Season’s Beatings: Ascension Sept 28-30, 2012

Season’s Beatings Ascension is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Below are two streams and the schedule for Saturday and Sunday. Main Stream Watch live video from on Top 8 Winners Cafeid|MadKOF IGL.CoCo|BALA Cafeid|Lacid AGE|Romance Top 8 Losers EG|Justin Wong DMG.MCZ|Juicebox IGL.CoCo|TheAnswer FC|NYChrisG Streams Secondary Stream Watch live video from addmitt on Mortal Kombat stream Watch live video from […]

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Mexico, Brazil and Japan Update: Help get KOF into WGC Mexico lineup!

Why Mexico needs help in getting KOF in any tournament is a head scratcher but help is needed so please help and vote: Goto their Facebook page and vote! KleberYagami vs Mr Bruno: Versus Sampa Tournament (VST), São Paulo, Brasil They’re up to more Shenanigans, the next video from the Totally Casual series:

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KOF XIII in Thursday Runback 4.4 by LevelUp|Series and PowerLeague in Mexico

Thursday Runback 4.4 featuring KOF XIII along with Persona 4 Arena and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Also PowerLeague is featuring KOF XIII and SSFIV:AE. Brackets Here. The stream can be watched through here. UPDATE: Unfortunately, there was no stream tonight. Thursday Runback 4.4 PowerLeague

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Nohohonto’s Totally Casual Athena, Duo Lon and Ash

YouTube user ImbuedGold has uploaded yet another excellent combo/setup video from Team Nohohonto regarding Athena, Duo Lon and Ash. Curiously, the same team has a combo for each character individually. Here’s the description on YouTube: The Nohohonto team or “Totally Casually” has increased their assets with a new combo / tutorial vid for their most used characters (Ash Crimson , […]

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GoDaddy problems

Our host site and server GoDaddy, is currently experiencing problems at the moment. Which means that the site may be down and back up again randomly throughout the day as the problem is being worked on. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience. MORE INFO:

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