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Bodega Royale KOFXIV Online Tournament Results

The recent King of Fighters XIV (PS4) online tournament, Bodega Royale was a collaborative event combining the efforts of MarcoPolo (Bodega Classic) and Rome_Himself (Regime Royale). The event was created & inspired to help support SNK community memeber, JDash whose father has recently passed away. More information can be found here: The tournament was a 16 player invitation, full […]

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Combo Breaker 2016 KOF Tournament Results

King of Fighters 2002UM – 36 Entrants 1) Mario E (Chris, Seth, EX Takuma | Chris, Orochi Yashiro, EX Takuma | Others) 2) Flanagan (Ryo, Kasumi, Clark | K’, Kasumi, Clark | Others) 3) DesmondKOF (King, Kusanagi, Kasumi | Hinako, King, Kasumi | Others) 4) Sam W (Andy, Benimaru, EX Robert | K’, Benimaru, Xiangfei | Others) 5) Domino (Athena, […]

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Winter Showdown 3: Dream Cancel Cup Finals KOF Results

King of Fighters XIII (29 Entrants) 1st ET 2nd Violent Kain 3rd Animal (Kanibalito) 4th El Rosa 5th Huevo, TC ChrisKOF 7th KCO Pedro, Straywolf Bracket: Videos: Top 8 King of Fighters 2002UM (17 Entrants) 1st ET 2nd Violent Kain 3rd El Rosa 4th Huevo 5th Desmond_KOF, TC Chris KOF 7th PX Dani, KCO Jose Bracket: Videos: […]

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