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Watch Violent Kain, El Rosa & KCOPedro Play Each Other In King of Fighters XIV After Frosty Faustings IX

Sometime after the Frosty Faustings IX tournament, Violent Kain captured a few money matches between himself, El Rosa and KCO Pedro battling it out in King of Fighters XIV! Very high level gameplay featured in these intense, long match sets! ViolentKain vs El Rosa ViolentKain vs KCOPedro El Rosa vs KCO Pedro Source: Violent Kain Youtube Channel

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King of Fighters XIV Version 1.11 Patch Live Now

Update your King of Fighters XIV with the new patch! Post your findings in the comments section below! News from SNK website: (version 1.12 has been announced) English patch notes: PATCH 1.11 IS UP! #KOFXIV — James Alderson (@Reiki_Kito) January 23, 2017 KOF14 Ver 1.11 パッチノート(日本語) KOFXIV Ver 1.11 Patch Note (English) — Gatoray (@gatoray_kof) January 23, 2017

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King of Fighters XIV Version 1.10 Fix Patch Submitted & Under Review According To SNK

For those waiting on a bug fix from the current version of King of Fighters XIV version 1.10, SNK has tweeted out that the patch is finished & under review for release (by Sony): [Regarding KOF XIV Ver. 1.10 issues] We have finished development on a new patch, which has been submitted and is under review. #KOFXIV — G-Mantle (ゲーマント) […]

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Anime Ascension 2017 – Irvine, California – February 18-19th 2017

EDIT: Top 8 Footage & Results: AnimeAscension #KOFXIV top81 @ReynaldJT2 @TCY05H13 @MrKoF884 @abril_el_rosa5 @Juicebox_FGC5 @LabanRR987 ShafterFish7 @EF_KirinosButt — Giby 'Dr KOF' Zia (@ManChest) February 19, 2017 Anime Ascension will be held at the UC Irvine Student Center Pacific Ballroom in Irvine, California, February 18th to 19th! King of Fighters XIV will be a featured game! For more information, check out […]

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Coliflowerz Will Teach You How To Properly Play Athena Asamiya In King of Fighters XIV In This Quick Tutorial Video

Coliflowerz is back with a new quick combo guide, showing basics of Athena Asamiya gameplay in King of Fighters XIV! This is good for players who are interested in learning Athena; both beginners and advanced players! Athena is a very simple character to play, but her combo game is quite odd. You’re not really going to be hitconfirming into combos […]

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