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King of Fighters 98UMFE Quick 2 Minute Videos Guides By Mash It Out

Above is a video playlist of very quick gameplay tutorial video guides created and recorded by Mashitout from! The guides show a good amount of a characters tools, like anti-air, common pokes, spacing tools, and short combos! Recommended for beginners or intermediate players looking to learn a new character in 98UMFE! Source: Saso via Dream Cancel Discord Server

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Dream Cancel KOF98UMFE Steam Time Zone Battle #1 Results

We had two brackets, one for east coast North America, and one for west coast! East Division: 1st EmilKof 2nd holdentsf 3rd alekxdash Bracket: West Division: 1st desmond_kof 2nd logiciv 3rd jojocrimsonxiii (forfeit) Bracket: Good games to everyone who join us and played with us! Dream Cancel Forum Thread:

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