Monthly Archives: February 2012

Back from the dead…STA Ranbats 2/19/12 YouTube Replays and 7v7

SouthTown Arcade Ranbat 3.4 KOFXIII YouTube replay are up. For those too busy watching Winter Brawl ’12 or World Game Cup in France, seven SoCal players (Metaphysics, AS|Reynald, CMD_Duc, LDA.TC|Romance, Giby), 4leaf and Kane317) safely, made the hike 6+ hours drive up to NorCal to participate in iPlaywinner&STA’s famous KOFXIII Ranbats and they even had a last minute SoCal vs […]

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KOFXIII PSN/XBL Blue & Green Bar Matchmaking Session (2-11-12)

Having trouble finding GOOD blue or green bar connections online? Well, this session held this upcoming Saturday all day (starting at 12pm CST) will help players test connections within their region or country to find who shares decent, playable connections. We will meet in the wibiya toolbar chat, and this session is open to all players worldwide to test within […]

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