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VGM TEC2013 KoFXIII Top 8 From Chile

The recent Chilean EVO 2013 qualifier featured some fierce competition for KoFXIII. Two Peruvian players, TNC James and Matharazo, traveled all the way there and took 1st and 2nd place respectively against Chile’s best players. The matches include competitors such as ZeroBlack (one of the world’s best Terry players, 9th place at EVO2012). Check out the amazing matches below, starting […]

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Keykakko’s Most Annoying KOFXIII Character Poll

Most of the community knows him as THAT frame data guy who occasionally participates in Japanese tournaments, but Keykakko has come up with interesting and hilarious poll that highlights just as the title suggests. Please make sure you vote in the according section whether it be offline or online and don’t forget you can part several characters. Most Annoying KofXIII […]

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Drive Cancel Radio Episode 16: APEX & SCR 2013 recap with gameplay Q & A

In this episode, Malik , Marco Polo and AGE|Romance discuss the recent tournaments APEX 2013 and Socal Regionals 2013. They reflect upon various details concerning their tournament matches and how they prepared beforehand. The players discuss proper meter management, what characters they feel are underestimated, feeling nervous while playing in tournaments, tips for new players learning KOFXIII and more. Episode […]

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Luis Cha Becomes Newest Member of the Team Chaos Family

Luis Cha, who recently took 3rd place at SoCal Regionals 2013, has officially been welcomed into the Team Chaos coalition of KoF players. Team Chaos made this announcement via their official Facebook page here: Team Chaos is a Los Angeles based KoF clan including renowned KoFXIII players such as ChrisKoF, Yoshi, Romance, The Beast, and RealKim, among many others. […]

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