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Tokido: If only I can continue to play a favorite game, I will surely continue to play KOFXIII

Pro gamer MCZ| Tokido recently spoke with 4 gamer on a variety of topics.  In particular he spoke about his thoughts on KOFXIII: “If only I can continue to play a favorite game, I think I would surely continue to play KOF XIII even now. But I have the feeling that we have to increase the playerbase, but we were unable […]

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SNK’s Chief of Gaming Division discusses company’s new focus on gaming in recent interview with Famitsu

Ever since the announcement of KOF XIV, SNK Playmore has been talking to the press a lot more than usual.  KOF XIV Producer Yasuyuki Oda has already given a couple interviews on different occasions.  Now SNK’s chief of gaming division, Yutaka Noguchi, has given an interview with Famitsu to discuss the company’s recent focus on gaming. Professor from MM Cafe […]

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Long interview with KOF XIV Producer Yasuyuki Oda

In addition to the short interview he gave at PlayStation Experience, KOF XIV Producer Yasuyuki Oda has given a rather long interview with Famitsu.  The interview reveals many more details than the interviews he has given before. The Professor over at MM Cafe has undertaken the arduous task of translating the entire interview, so head over there to read the […]

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Fan artist spotlight: Victor Lozada

While KoF has inspired a lot of competitive play over the years, its fighting mechanics aren’t the only thing that has appealed to fans all over the world. During its 20 years it also developed a number of appealing characters and stories. While the game mechanics have inspired some great players to delived exciting performances in competitive events, the other […]

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Tomorrow Night on Dream Cancel Live – Episode 26: Georgia KOF Interview

The Dream Cancel Podcast is BACK tomorrow night at 8:30pm Central (6:30 Pacific/9:30 Eastern)! This will be our 26th episode of Dream Cancel Live! We will be talking with players from the Georgia KOF/SNK scene on their history, current status, and future endeavors of their community! We will also talk about ways they help each other improve their gameplay and ways […]

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