Monthly Archives: February 2013

Help Build a KOFXIII Beginners FAQ guide!

Currently we are working on a helpful KOFXIII FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide for new players coming from different fighting games. Assist us by submitting your own short FAQ to help beginners! You can link up any videos, posts, threads from any outside sources if more detail is needed. You can even post a question for other members to answer! […]

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EX Iori Anti Roll Option Select

ShadowFiendIsHere recently recorded and uploaded a video showing some options activated after a hard knockdown, then a meaty crouching B (light kick). The notation to activate the option select is: cr. B, qcb~hcf+A. 1.) If the opponent blocks the crouching B, then a close A will follow to begin a blockstring. 2.) If the opponent rolls through the crouching B […]

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