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Cafeid Id Global Tournament 2014 Trailer

Cafeid is hosting their Id Global Tournament in Jeju, South Korea on March 29-30th.  The tournament offers the largest prize money for KofXIII known to date, with $20,000USD awarded to First Place.  Many strong players such as Taiwan’s Ren, ET; Japan’s Rinamoto, Oogosyo, Koukou, Sange Tenchou; and Korea’s Madkof, Verna, Lacid, Gutts have already confirmed. Check out their trailer below: […]

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Tomorrow – Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam Battle #3

WHAT: KOFXIII Steam Edition, First to 10 games series session 3 WHEN: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 @ 1pm Pacific/3pm Central/4pm Eastern. WHERE: Games will be played on Steam and we will meet up at the Dream Cancel chatango room WHO: All steam players from anywhere in the world are welcomed HOW: All players signed up will play each other […]

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Tomorrow Night on Dream Cancel Live – Episode 9: Colorado KOF Prepares For Socal Regionals

Tomorrow night at 8:30pm Central (6:30 Pacific/9:30 Eastern) will be our 9th episode of Dream Cancel Live! We will talk to two players from the Colorado KOF (kingsofco) scene who are preparing for Socal Regionals 2014 this weekend! LazieFreddy wrote an extremely good article about their community a while ago – read it before we go live tomorrow for you […]

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Team SLR Presents: Rosarito vs Ensenada 5v5 KOFXIII Town Battle REMATCH

If you remember a while back, we covered the story about the two neighboring towns in Mexico that battled each other in a 5v5 battle: Last night, the two towns of Rosarito & Ensenada returned together to battle each other in a first to 20 match set! (Note: There are sound issues in the first half of this video, […]

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