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More Pre-KOF XIII EVO Tournaments

Before you watch/participate for KOF XIII at EVO, here are some more offline/online tournaments to be aware of: Online: DC KOF XIII Online Tournament for 6/30 (Saturday) @ 3pm CT, 4pm EST DC KOF XIII Roundtable Ranbats for 6/30 Before and after the tournament California: Level Up – The Runback (Walnut, CA) on 6/28 (Thursday) Console Gaming Tournament @Anime Expo […]

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Drive Cancel Radio Episode 10: CEO 2012 recap

In this episode myself (Desmond) and David Kong recap CEO 2012 and interview KOF player and commentator Andres aka nothingxs! Episode 10: CEo 2012 recap   Subscribe to us on iTunes: itpc:// Subscribe via RSS: Here is the CEO 2012 video featuring Spanish commentary by The Answer and nothingxs: And the post CEO 2012 Mago vs Bala FT5 casual […]

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#TRB Stream Replay from 06/22/12 – Season 2: Week 6

We’ll make an exception here. Normally we don’t front page twitch stream archives until the YouTube counterparts is released, but last night’s TRB, with only 2 weeks left before Evo2012, was by far the most intense competition SoCal has seen by a huge margin. With 40 contestants, we had returning guest Chile in the House, Luis Cha from Mexico, MCZ|Mago […]

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Dream Cancel Chatango Chat Box

In an effort to replace the wibiya toolbar chat which provided members to chat while they were visiting the site and forums, we have now installed a chatango group chat which is on the sidebar of the homepage. The full sized version of the group page is here: When you hit the “set name” button, you can choose to […]

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Pre-EVO KOF Tournaments

If your looking to get some good games in during EVO tournament season, or some practice before you get to EVO next month, here’s a list of known upcoming tournaments featuring KOF: Atlanta, Georgia -ATL FinalRoundbats (6/24). Portland, Oregon -Best Bout Beatdown 13 (6/23). Seattle-area Washington -GameClucks Thursdays (6/21). Auburn, Washington -Pacific Northwest Montly Fighting Game Tournament (6/29). Los Angeles, […]

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Roundtable Ranbats for Saturdays, Online Tournament Info (6/30) and Results (6/16)

KOF XIII Roundtable Ranbats is set for Saturdays starting this weekend (23rd) @ 4pm EST, 3pm CT, etc. Roundtable Ranbats info Also, a new Online Tournament is set for June 30th (Saturday) with the Roundtable Ranbats following immediately after. 6/30 Tournament info And the results for the June 16th tournament are here: PSN ScrewUpper [14 points] DesmondDelaghetto [6 points] Hurtful_Things […]

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