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King Of Fighters XIII: The Highlights of 2014

To close out 2014, we present to you a highlight reel of very crazy, hype, funny, and exciting moments that happened in 2014! Enjoy! Sources: Ougon Rensei, Tortita Noac, Orochinagi, KCSRK, VideogamesXDTV, kpbfgc, VersusfightingTV, 3 hit Combo, brothersbogard, khaos gaming, GatoRay, Sixfortyfive, ChitownEnuff, ETC Chile, Team Spooky, The Secret Society36, KingsofCo, a11111357, Escomborfal, getofred651, DarkGeese, Vic22kof

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Dream Cancel Live! Episode 38: Your Thoughts On KOF98UMFE Netplay SO FAR

Chat with us at: In this episode, we will share our thoughts on the work in progress of the netplay in King of Fighters 98UM Final Edition on Steam! (After the show, lets meet up on the Steam Group Chat and play!!!) Here are some questions we will talk about on the show. Feel free to answer them beforehand, […]

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Tomorrow Afternoon on Dream Cancel Live – Episode 38: Your Thoughts On KOF98UMFE Netplay SO FAR

Tomorrow at 3pm Central (1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern time) will be our 38th episode of Dream Cancel Live! We will discussing (and asking you) about your experiences so far with the netplay of King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition on Steam! Here are some questions we will ask and answer tomorrow! Post your answers and thoughts in the comments […]

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KOF98UMFE Quick Guides: Benimaru by Vandarkholme, EX Ryo, Lucky, & Choi by Gunsmith

This past week we have gotten notice of a few new very good (and short length) tutorials for characters in King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition for Steam! First we have Vandarkhome’s 3 minute Benimaru guide showing a few uses for normals, combos, and ways to stop Guard Cancel attacks: Following up on our post from last week, […]

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KOF 97 Douyu Cup becomes one of the most spectated fighting game tournament in history with 500,000 peak viewers

Over the weekend, Douyu TV, Shanghai’s TTW Arcade, and hosted the KOF97 Douyu Cup in Shanghai, which drew in hundred of fans to spectate at the venue, and hundreds of thousands of fans spectating online. Unprecedented Viewership The tournament was notable as it drew in unprecedented viewership numbers.  Over the two days, the viewers who tuned in to the […]

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Today: Dream Cancel KOF98UM Final Edition Steam Online Release Party

Today is our King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Steam Online Release Party! Just hop in the chatwing chat box: at 10am PST/12pm CST/1pm EST to find matches, test the netplay and discuss the game! Be sure to report your findings at the steam forums: Don’t have a copy? Buy it at: Special thanks to thec0r3 for […]

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