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Learn The Basics of Billy Kane in #KOFXIV By Watching This Quick Combo Guide By Coliflowerz

Check out the latest video gameplay tutorial Coliflowerz has created for King of Fighters XIV‘s Billy Kane! It runs down all of Billy Kane’s moves, from his normals all the way to his Super Special moves! You will also learn some easy combos in this video too! Billy’s combo potential is pretty limited but simple. If you just stick with […]

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KOFXIV: Learn How To Play With Bandeiras Hattori In This Full Character Tutorial Video By DiamondDust132

DiamondDust132‘s tutorials shows basics of the characters in King of Fighters XIV by explaining their normals attacks, command normals, special moves, Super Special moves, best pokes, combos and general gameplan. In this tutorial video, Bandeiras Hattori is showcased and explained thoroughly: Source: DiamondDust132 Youtube Channel

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