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Mikado to hold “Kusoge KOF” tournament featuring KOF 94, 2000, and XI

Over the history of the King of Fighters series, some titles are more well liked by the players, while others are characterized as more broken and trashy. While most tournaments focus on titles like KOF XIII, KOF 02UM, and KOF 98FE, the rest of the KOF titles are not forgotten.  The Mikado arcade in Tokyo is holding a special “Kusoge […]

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KOF XIII: EX Kyo, EX Iori, Mr. Karate 100% Damage Combo Video By Douglas Pereira

Douglas Pereira of Douglas Production just uploaded another impressive combo video showcasing 100% (or 1000 damage) combos using EX Kyo, EX Iori, and Mr. Karate! All the combos use full stocks of meter and are incredibly flashy. Subscribe to his channel for more upcoming combo videos! Source: Facebook, Douglas Pereira Youtube Buy KOFXIII on Steam!

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Pichon Cup 4 from Mexico…. Road to Dream Cancel Cup

One of the Dream Cancel Cup qualifying tournaments is live right now from Mexico. The tournament includes games such as KOF 02UM, KOF98UM, KOF2002, and KOF XIII from the SNK side of the house. The tournament has notable players such as Layec, Kula, and TC|Pako. You can check out the stream here:   Watch live video from GameOver_Team on […]

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