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Help us improve our videos page

Our videos page: needs some updating. Drop your favorite KOFXIII centered youtube, youku, nicovideo,, playlists or channels in this thread: or post them as a comment in this article! We will create an organized list of KOFXIII video archives and channels to help players find content much easier. Thanks in advance!

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Last SouthTown Arcade KoFXIII Ranbat From Norcal, with guests from SoCal

SouthTown Arcade has been a central hub for KoFXIII in Norcal over the past year. Today, they are saying farewell with their last KoFXIII Ranbat at this location. TC Yoshi, Luis Cha, and AGE Romance are in attendance to pay homage to this great Norcal establishment. Make sure to tune in RIGHT NOW!!!! Watch live video from IPLAYWINNER on

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Drive Cancel Radio Episode 13: Atlus Fighting Championships recap

In this episode, Desmond and Kane317 (both administrators of Dream Cancel) talk about the past Atlus Fighting Championships which featured KOFXIII! Episode 13: Atlus Fighting Championships recap Post your comments about this episode here:   Subscribe to us on iTunes: itpc:// Subscribe via RSS:

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