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#KOFXIV Learn How To Play With Nelson In This Full Character Tutorial Video By DiamondDust132

DiamondDust132‘s tutorials shows basics of the characters in King of Fighters XIV by explaining their normals attacks, command normals, special moves, Super Special moves, best pokes, combos and general gameplan. In this tutorial video, Nelson is showcased and explained thoroughly: If you would like to add information or help edit Nelson’s wiki, please added suggested submissions on his wiki draft […]

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Learn How To Kick Butt With Kim Kaphwan in #KOFXIV By Watching This Quick Combo Guide By Coliflowerz

Check out the latest video gameplay tutorial Coliflowerz has created for King of Fighters XIV‘s Kim Kaphwan! It runs down all of Kim’s moves, from his normals (punches & kicks) all the way to his Super Special moves! You will also learn some easy combos in this video too! Kim is a pretty simple character, the only tricky parts in […]

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Read This In-Depth #KOFXIV Guide On How To Play With Shun’ei Written by KPB’s EXWildWolf

If you are curious on learning the basics and advanced gameplay mechanics of Shun’ei in King of Fighters XIV, Kick Punch Block‘s very own EXWildWolf has written a well-done in-depth guide! http://www.k-p-b.com/2017/05/gitr0617/ Get In The Ring!!! – A Shun’ei Guide for All Comers https://t.co/rmMPy2Y2Sv pic.twitter.com/Do6sMg1cqR — Kick-Punch-Block! (@KickPunchBlock) June 8, 2017

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Learn How To Play Vanessa in #KOFXIV By Watching This Quick Combo Guide By Coliflowerz

For those interested in learning DLC character Vanessa, Coliflowerz has created a very informative tutorial video that outlines uses of all her normal moves, command moves, special moves and super special moves (include Climax)! This video also shows you some basic combos and tips that will help you learn how to play Vanessa! This was a doozy… I tried to […]

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Coliflowerz Makes Learning King of Fighters XIV’s Angel Very Easy In This Quick Combo Guide Tutorial Video

For those interested in learning Angel, Coliflowerz has created a very simple tutorial that explains all of her moves in easy-to-follow detail! My baby! Very strange things happen to Angel scaling wise when it comes to her supers; some of the oddly short combos are a result of that. As you can tell by the video length, she has a […]

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Coliflowerz Will Help You Learn How To Play With Ryo Sakazaki In This King of Fighters XIV Quick Tutorial Video

Coliflowerz is back with a new quick combo guide, showing basics of Ryo Sakazaki gameplay in King of Fighters XIV! Normals, special moves, super special moves, and more are explained thoroughly in this tutorial video! Ryo feels really… lacking in this game. But just like in XIII his level 2 ranbu super is absolutely monstrous, so little confirms are going […]

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