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KOF 2002UM Frame Data Alpha Version



The Frame Data for KOF 2002UM is now available. The frame data for most moves are translated into English with inputs. It is Alpha Ver. due to missing some moves and data in chart. Most of moves are done by using practice mode with command option. If you know about your characters and willing to help on frame data of 2002UM, please post comments on following forum link.


KOF 2002UM Alpha Ver: Frame Data


Source : KOF2002UM@まとめwiki

Frosty Faustings III – Jan 8th, 2011 in Chicago, IL (Now with more KOF!)

Possibly the biggest Midwest tourney is coming up soon and it happens to also be running KOF 2002UM (360) this time around, so if you have the time hit up some friends and road trip over to Chi-Town and show them what you’re made of! If you can, please bring a TV or console.

Thanks to Elven Shadow for making the OG thread on SRK and syxx for reposting the information on DC.