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KOFXIII Daimon, Yuri, Ryo, Joe, Terry, Raiden, Billy, Mature, Mai, and DuoLon Anti-Roll Option Select Videos

Mechanica has recently recorded and uploaded new videos demonstrating the corner anti-roll option select using Daimon, Yuri, Ryo, Joe, Terry, Raiden, Billy, Mature, Mai and Duo Lon. Be sure to view the video description on the individual Youtube video pages for a transcript on how to perform these option selects.

He has also grouped the videos in a neat playlist so you can view them all.





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English Subtitled SNKPlaymore KOFXIII Command Technique Video

This video uploaded and translated by GatoRay (which was originally posted by SNKPlaymore around a year ago) demonstrates and explains several advanced gameplay phenomena in KOFXIII. It shows a corner meaty/throw option select against rolls, damage combo scaling lock during supers, and a way to evade desperation moves and NeoMaxes during their superflash:

Source: Youtube

EX Iori Anti Roll Option Select

ShadowFiendIsHere recently recorded and uploaded a video showing some options activated after a hard knockdown, then a meaty crouching B (light kick).

The notation to activate the option select is: cr. B, qcb~hcf+A.

1.) If the opponent blocks the crouching B, then a close A will follow to begin a blockstring.
2.) If the opponent rolls through the crouching B away from the corner, then the maiden masher DM (qcf~hcb+A) will catch them in their roll.
3.) If the opponent gets hit by the crouching B, then the close A will follow up and combo.
4.) If the opponent rolls away from the crouching B (into the corner), then the Kuzukaze command throw (hcb,f+P) will activate and catch their roll.

Let us know if you are able to master the execution in performing this option select and if you have added it to your gameplay.