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Coliflowerz Will Help You Learn How To Play With Ryo Sakazaki In This King of Fighters XIV Quick Tutorial Video

Coliflowerz is back with a new quick combo guide, showing basics of Ryo Sakazaki gameplay in King of Fighters XIV! Normals, special moves, super special moves, and more are explained thoroughly in this tutorial video! Ryo feels really… lacking in this game. But just like in XIII his level 2 ranbu super is absolutely monstrous, so little confirms are going […]

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KOFXIV: Character Beginner Breakdown Tutorial Videos By Ra3bones

Ra3bones is creating very impressive character breakdown tutorial videos aimed specifically at new players & beginners! Each video explains each characters normal attacks, special moves, super special moves & easy combos to start with! Every video is under 25 minutes long and has time stamps in the description section! Be sure to follow Ra3bones on twitter: https://twitter.com/Ra3Bones Alice Mai King […]

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English Subtitled SNKPlaymore KOFXIII Tutorial Videos

Last month, Gato Ray translated and added English subtitles to a few of the SNKPlaymore produced KOFXIII system tutorial videos that were created and released a year ago. The “Starter Guide” explains the proper usage for normal attacks in different situations and positions, along with explaining their designed roles in battle. Slightly similar to the explanation of how normals are […]

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