More Pre-KOF XIII EVO Tournaments

Before you watch/participate for KOF XIII at EVO, here are some more offline/online tournaments to be aware of:

DC KOF XIII Online Tournament for 6/30 (Saturday) @ 3pm CT, 4pm EST
DC KOF XIII Roundtable Ranbats for 6/30 Before and after the tournament

Level Up – The Runback (Walnut, CA) on 6/28 (Thursday)
Console Gaming Tournament @Anime Expo ’12 (L.A., CA) on 6/30 (Saturday)

Gameclucks Thursdays (Lynnwood, WA) on 6/28
Pacific Northwest Montly (Auburn, WA) on 6/29 (Friday)
The Salty Runback (Seattle, WA) on 6/30 (Saturday)

The Fenway Fight Series (Boston, MA) on 6/30 (Saturday)

Windy City Shodown Prime (Northbrook, IL) on 6/30 (Saturday)

Come out and support the game if you’re able.

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