Nohohonto’s Totally Casual Athena, Duo Lon and Ash

YouTube user ImbuedGold has uploaded yet another excellent combo/setup video from Team Nohohonto regarding Athena, Duo Lon and Ash. Curiously, the same team has a combo for each character individually. Here’s the description on YouTube:

The Nohohonto team or “Totally Casually” has increased their assets with a new combo / tutorial vid for their most used characters (Ash Crimson , Asamiya Athena & Duo Lon). As usual with the Nohohonto vids, their creativity and detail level is pretty impressive and there are quite some useful footnotes and examples of wrong and right alternative to the combos. Furthermore the video is pretty loaded with a strong sense of humor and interactivity— A thing that might not fit with everyone, though.

The original name of the video goes for something like Oshiete! Nohohonto Kuni no Kodomo-tachi! [ 教えて!のほほん国の小人たち! ] or “Teach us! Children of the Nohohonto Kingdom!”

Original upload, video recording and all gameplay by nico user ADあっしゅ

Title : 教えて!のほほん国の小人たち!

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